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Kyawaii RPG #8: Saving Throw


One of the funny things about American culture is how there are certain divides that are hard to see past. There are certain figures who have millions of fans, yet are largely unknown to people at large. One such figure is Jack T. Chick. He’s the man behind Chick Publications, which publishes Chick Tracts, of which about a billion copies have been printed. Chick Tracts are tiny comics intended to help fundamentalist Christians proselytize. They can show up all kinds of places–I even have a couple I found at a bus stop here in godless[1] California–and they provide a window into a very distinct and unique worldview. For Jack Chick there is Good (the things he believes in) and there is Evil (absolutely everything else). Good is his particular flavor of fundamentalist Christianity, evil is Darwinism, Buddhism, paganism, Islam, and especially Catholicism, or at least his strange caricatures of these things.

Chick Tracts are generally incredibly easy to pick apart on a purely factual basis, and certain tracts are rather reprehensible on a moral basis (the infamous and emphatically discontinued “Lisa” tract comes to mind). Gamers mainly know of Chick Tracts because of the Dark Dungeons tract, which embodies much of the paranoia of the anti-D&D moral panic of the 80s. Whatever else Chick Tracts are, they’re a fascinating body of outsider art. Chick draws some himself, and has employed other artists as well, so the art ranges from eccentric to genuinely impressive. Aside from the inevitable parodies, there are a a few people who collect and study his work, expressing fascination and admiration even if they find his actual beliefs ridiculous and occasionally repugnant. There are a couple of books about Jack Chick, and even a documentary, God’s Cartoonist.

A friend of mine had the idea to make a Chick Tract RPG, following the same form factor as a Chick Tract (which is to say a little 2.75″x5″ booklet). When I heard the idea, a game popped into my head nearly fully formed. My friend hasn’t gotten around to putting together his take on the concept, but just as Chick Publications has put out over 250 tracts, there’s certainly room for more than one satirical RPG. Saving Throw (aside from being a dumb pun) is my satirical Chick Tract RPG. This version is a letter sized PDF, but I do aspire to get a few illustrations done and do a small print run in booklet form.

To play you will need a d20, 15 tokens of some kind, and a basic familiarity with Chick Tracts (which for better or for worse you can view for free online).

Saving Throw PDF Download

[1]Not really. This area is maybe less religious than some, but there are still churches everywhere.

Kyawaii RPG Omake: Monday Afternoon Blues Audio Edition

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and finally got around to putting together. This is an mp3 you can use to play Monday Afternoon Blues, a role-playing poem I did a while back inspired by Stoke-Birmingham 0-0 (only with an anime convention spin because me and my friends know nothing about soccer). This new version consists of an audio introduction, 15 minutes of ambient airport sounds (thanks to Freesound.org), and an announcement that’s your cue to end the game. I’ve also included a set of character cards you can print out to make it a little easier to keep track of who’s who.

Monday Afternoon Blues Audio Edition (mp3)
Character Cards (PDF)

This file uses the AtlantaAirportAmbient.mp3 by jm Creative Commons audio sample.

Kyawaii RPG #7: Manly Men!

It’s been forever since I last posted up a Kyawaii RPG, but got something like half a dozen I started and never finished. I ended up tossing together the rest of this one this morning. It’s kind of a self-parody in that I seem to come up with a lot of RPGs where the characters are all girls, so I decided to make one where they’re all ridiculously masculine guys. At first I wasn’t sure how to go about making this game, but it basically turned out to be “Chuck Norris Facts: The Role-Playing Game.”

Click here to download.

Kyawaii RPG #6: Four Fairies

“Four Fairies” is a very simple and heartwarming role-playing thing (a little more involved than a role-playing poem, but not quite what I would call an RPG per se) about four fairies. They want to become human, but to do so they must first learn about the human world. With this game you can tell stories about how they learn. It is very directly inspired by a wonderful little anime series called Bottle Fairy.

Click here to download.

Kyawaii RPG #5: Monday Afternoon Blues


I got the Norwegian Style book in the mail the other day, so naturally I got inspired to make a role-playing poem, which is to say a mostly freeform role-playing thing meant to be played in 15 minutes. Monday Afternoon Blues is a bit derivative of Stoke-Birmingham 0-0, only it’s about the aftermath of a big anime convention.

Click here to download.

Update: I also made an audio version of this game.

Kyawaii RPG #4: Black Hole Girls

I wrote most of this game a while ago, and then sort of got mired in finishing it off because of the tables. But I got all inspired today, so now you know why I’m posting two Kyawaii RPGs in two days.

Anyway, Black Hole Girls was inspired by Shadow Star and Alien Nine, two very disturbing manga (both with good anime adaptations that unfortunately cover less than half of the overall story), and owes entirely too much to The Shab-al-Hiri Roach.

You are a 12-year-old girl. You have an extremely powerful alien symbiote that will more or less do whatever you want. Will you try to make your alien more powerful by having it take Gel from the other girls’ aliens? Or will you try to build influence in the human world? Only one of you can ascend, but to what?

Click here to download.

Pointless Side Remarks: Word 2007 lets you do some pretty neat stuff really easily, but it can get goddamn retarded when you try to mix up different margins and columns. Second game in a row to start with bad poetry. This one is an excerpt from a poem I wrote inspired by Alien Nine, called “Alien On My Head.”

Kyawaii RPG #3: Seasons


I started watching Clannad yesterday, got highly inspired, and wound up banging out a very simple game in a matter of hours. I’m not sure how well it lines up with the source material, since it’s from about 5 episodes of Clannad, plus what I can remember from Air and Kanon. Seasons is a very simple game, basically pure role-play with some guidelines related to revealing what makes people tick and helping them out. It bears some resemblance to It’s Complicated, only not as good.

Click here to download.

Kyawaii RPG #2: Monster Girls In Love

This game is for adults only. Yes, really.

If you are 18 or over, you may click here to read it.

This game is largely because of my association with Suichi. Because of him I know more about sexual fetishes than I probably should. And I also know that they’re actually much more hilarious than people realize. This game also has themes and shit. You play as monster girls, who have encounters with male adventurers, and not in the 4th Edition sense. Yes, really. It’s specifically meant to be a very threatening game, but also a thought-provoking one.

To play (not that I really expect anyone to), you’d need some six-sided dice and index cards, and at least three very, very open-minded people.

Please don’t take this thing too seriously. The next one will hopefully be both more innocent and better overall. Not that that’s saying much.

Kyawaii RPG #1: Peerless Food Fighters!

(Original illustration forthcoming)
(Original illustration forthcoming)

So, listening to the Independent Insurgency podcast on XXXXtreme Street Luge got me all inspired. Aside from working on Slime Story with renewed vigor (when I was about ready to shelve it for a while), I decided to try writing shorter, wackier games.

Thus I present to you the first “Kyawaii RPG,” Peerless Food Fighters!. It’s all of 5 pages, and it’s kind of like Muteki Kanban Musume but not really. You play a girl who works are her parents’ restaurant, and your goal is to make your family’s restaurant more successful than those of the other players. So, without really meaning to I made a competitive RPG. Guy should be happy. It also does some neat things with player evaluation and scripted events.

1. What is a Kyawaii RPG?
It’s part of a series of short, weird RPGs I’m going to design when I feel like it.

2. What’s with that stupid name?
I like it. Shut up. It’s a subtle Lucky Star reference, for no particular reason. Also, considering that this is me (in the words of one of my online friends, “a very Asian non-Asian,” which I’m hoping is code for “kind of like a weeaboo, but not nearly that annoying”), it should have a vaguely Japanese name.

3. So they’re going to be short and crappy?
These are roughly on par with a 24-Hour RPG, except that trying to do a thing within a 24-hour span doesn’t work at all for how I create and live. Plus I’ll try to do a little bit of playtesting and revising, though not until after I shove the thing into the world.

4. Why the hell are you doing this?
Because normally I’m bad at finishing things. Hence, short things that I’m more likely to finish.

5. Aren’t you just ripping off XXXXtreme Street Luge?
Fuck you. I actually got inspired to get off my ass and design stuff, and to finish it. Plus, every design contest manages to happen at the very shittiest time possible for me.

6. Whatever. What’s the next one going to be?
I’m not going to post about a given game until it’s done. All I will say about the next one I’m working on is that it’s going to be as perverted as people wrongly assume Maid RPG must be.

7. What do I need to play?
Depends on which one. PFF uses six-sided dice and tokens. But I also want to do ones that use cards and other things.