Ewen’s Tables

Ewen’s Tables is a series of d66 tables for generating all sorts of things for gaming and general creativity. It covers character names, place names, character concepts, titles, and so on for a variety of genres and topics.

Ewen’s Tables Phase 1
11 Animals, 12 Anime Stuff, 13 Anime Stuff 2, 14 Book Titles, 15 Cute Names, 16 Cyberpunk Stuff, 21 Fantasy Characters, 22 Fantasy Creatures, 23 Fantasy Names, 24 Fantasy Names 2, 25 Fantasy Places, 26 Fantasy Religion, 31 Fantasy Silliness, 32 Fighting Stuff, 33 Game Stuff, 34 Horror Stuff, 35 Magic Stuff, 36 Modern Weirdness, 41 Music Stuff, 42 Odds and Ends, 43 Odds and Ends 2, 44 Odds and Ends 3: Odd Harder, 45 Oracles, 46 Pirate Names, 51 Places to Eat, 52 Post-Apocalyptic Stuff, 53 Pulp Stuff, 54 Sci-Fi Stuff, 55 Steampunk Stuff, 56 Super Names, 61 Technology Stuff, 62 Titles, 63 TV Stuff, 64 Vehicles, 65 War Stars, and 66 Wrestling Stuff

Fantasy Pack
Everyday Pack

The Ewen’s Tables Collection
The Ewen’s Tables Collection is the first 36 installments of Ewen’s Tables, collected into a 255-page paperback book. It includes 170 different tables, including some exclusive bonus tables.

DriveThruRPG PDF ($12) or Print ($20)
Amazon ($20)
Lulu ($20)

Ewen’s Tables Zine
Ewen's Tables Zine
A collection of 23 especially silly tables, including a brand new one for zine titles.

Etsy Zine Version ($4)
itch.io PDF ($2.50)

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