Stuff For Other Games

This is a page for easy access to all the random materials I’ve made for existing games that have caught my interest.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Materials

Much as I enjoy 4E, in some ways it’s a pain to design stuff for, but that hasn’t stopped me from ending up with a few things.

  • Extended Challenges: An attempt at a replacement for skill challenges, inspired by the Focus System from Arianrhod.
  • Initiative Cards
  • Wild Folk (Race): The wild folk are basically a mishmash of races and characters from several different Japanese games, resulting in “native” people with animal traits and a tremendous vitality. Includes racial feats, paragon paths, and monster stats.
  • Blaster Wizard (Class): This is kind of a joke but theoretically functional, an Essentials-style wizard class that pretty much just blasts things with magic, because fighters shouldn’t be the only ones with an “I hit it with my (sword/spell)” type option.

Dungeon World

  • The Maid: Available for $1.49 from DriveThruRPG, the Maid is a Dungeon World playbook heavily inspired by Maid RPG.
  • The Chosen Visitor: Also $1.49, this is a playbook for a person from modern-day earth who winds up in a fantasy world and develops some special powers.

Fiasco Playsets

Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco is very nearly the perfect one-shot game. Making playsets for it is really fun, which probably explains why there are so damn many of them.

  • The Big Anime Con: A playset for a fiasco taking place at a big anime convention, because if there was ever a group of people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control, it’s anime fans.
  • Heroics: Heroics is a playset for stuff about fucked up wannabe superheroes as seen in Super, Defendor, and the first half of Kick-Ass. There are no superpowers, just idiots in costumes trying to play at heroes and getting into big, big trouble.
  • The Knights of Light: The titular Knights are a little guild in an extremely popular MMORPG. They struggle to keep playing the game, despite real life and all its annoyances, not to mention the dreaded guild drama. Heavily inspired by The Guild.
  • Liquidation: The Crossings bookstore chain has declared bankruptcy, and every store will be closing its doors permanently. The only question is, what can you get out of it?
  • Super Kart Party 3 Plus!: You play video game testers at Nakatomi Games’ American office in Silicon Valley. It’s a thankless job, and now you’ve got one hell of a turkey of a game to contend with (the titular one), and it’s crunch time.


  • Cards Against Humanity: I don’t normally go in for card games, but I wound up making two expansions for CAH.
  • Dragon Ball Oracle: An oracle for In a Wicked Age based on the Dragon Ball manga.
  • Entanglements is my “story mapping” tool, a thing for making relationship maps, very much like the Pathways system in Smallville, but for most any RPG.
  • octaNe Roles: Rogue Battle Maid and Mariachi Samurai

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