M.A.I.D. Engine

The “M.A.I.D. Engine” is what I call the underlying rules system of Maid: The Role-Playing Game. (M.A.I.D. is short for “Maniacs’ Asymmetrical Interactive Delusion.”) This page covers all of the M.A.I.D. Engine games I’ve created.


Schoolgirl RPG


In Schoolgirl RPG you play a random, quirky, and possibly unnatural schoolgirl who must cope with all the random weirdness that comes her way. Based on the rules of Maid: The Role-Playing Game, this mini-RPG will provide plenty of exhausting, random fun.

To play you will need some friends, pencils, paper, six-sided dice, and the willingness to roll dice for just about everything.

Schoolgirl RPG Core Rules($2.49)
Schoolgirl RPG Supplement 1: Extra Credit ($2.99)
Schoolgirl RPG Supplement 2: Doki Doki School Days ($2.99)
Schoolgirl RPG Supplement 3: Otoko no Michi ($1.99)

The Complete Edition of Schoolgirl RPG compiles the core rules and all three supplements into a 66-page 6″x9″ book.
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Schoolgirl RPG Cards ($10)
Polish Version PDF ($4.99)

Kagegami High

Kagegami High is a private girls-only school on a small island off the coast of Tokyo. It is a place for learning, menacing government agencies, strange religious practices from the dawn of Japanese history, and moral and physical development, all in a secluded location, free from wicked outside influences. It’s supposed to be a very good, very elite school. You remember hearing that somewhere, though you’re not sure where. You got in, though you’re not sure when you applied, how you passed the entrance exam, how your family is paying for it, or how exactly you got here. There are a lot of things you’re not sure about, but is that really so different from before?

What you have before you is a comedic role-playing game where you take on the role of schoolgirls at a strange, surreal high school where every conspiracy, every urban legend, is true, though not necessarily in the way you’d expect. The simple rules and copious random tables bring Kagegami High and the island of Kageshima to life, letting you have countless strange, surreal, and hilarious adventures there.

To play you will need some friends, pencils and paper, and six-sided dice (with one die of a different color to be the Weird Die).

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Kagegami High Character Sheet


Mascot-tan is a weird little RPG where the players take on the role of cute girls who are anthropomorphic personifications of things and have cute, weird little adventures. They can be mascots of games, countries, foods, companies, or just about anything else you can think of. It’s this weird thing from Japan. Mascot-tan is based on the rules of Maid: The Role-Playing Game, and includes all the rules you need to play, plus an introductory scenario and write-ups of the RPG Idols (the weirdos pictured on the cover) and the game store where they work for some reason.

DriveThruRPG in PDF ($4.99) or Print ($9.99)
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Indie Press Revolution: Print, PDF, Print + PDF
Mascot-tan Character/Reference Sheet

Retail Magic


Pastoria is a peaceful and prosperous land, situated in a fantasy world like you people from Earth see in video games and anime. There are dragons and demons and the occasional Dark Lord, but in everyday life there are basically people. In this world magic isn’t just something wizards toss around when they’re feeling less subtle and more quick to anger; it’s a commodity, an important part of the economy. The sale of magical items, ranging from simple agricultural charms to world-shaking artifacts, is an everyday occurrence. There are magic peddlers who wander from village to village in worrisome carts, but every town of any size has at least one magic item shop.

To adventurers a magic shop is a place of routine, a place to trade in treasure and stock up on healing potions. However, there are those to whom a magic shop is a workplace, where every ring of the bell above the door brings a customer looking to buy some trinket or other. This game is about these retail workers. Society tends to look right through them, and they don’t have an easy life. This has a lot to do with the history of Pastoria and the nature of the magic trade. The region where Pastoria now stands was home to countless battles fought with ludicrously powerful magic. There are pockets of magical distortions and potentially dangerous artifacts all over the place. Magic items are plentiful, though it takes a certain amount of filtering to find the useful ones. Pastoria also has many more outworlders—visitors from other dimensions—than more distant lands. Society often shuns such people (and other things), but due to the dangers of working in close proximity to a high concentration of magical items, item store owners can’t afford to be too picky about who they hire. Thus, the magic retail trade is something of a haven for those who for whatever reason don’t quite fit into normal society.

Based on the random insanity of Maid: The Role-Playing Game, Retail Magic is an RPG about retail employees in the magic item trade. It blends satire of retail work with ludicrous anime comedy action. Roll the dice, and find out that your half-centaur half-pixie paladin started working at a magic shop because of unrequited love, and that when stressed out she tries to hide in a box. Roll for random events, and see a stray cat come to the store, or a ninja attack, or an invasion of angels!

The Golden Friday Edition is a special discount pre-release version of Retail Magic. It includes the full rules needed to play, including employee, boss, and store generation, six random event tables, and two introductory scenarios. Oh, and a spell components table just for the hell of it.

To play you will need a few friends (sorry, we can’t do much about that for you), pencil, paper, some six-sided dice, and the energy to keep up with the random insanity the game will provide.