Kyawaii RPG #3: Seasons


I started watching Clannad yesterday, got highly inspired, and wound up banging out a very simple game in a matter of hours. I’m not sure how well it lines up with the source material, since it’s from about 5 episodes of Clannad, plus what I can remember from Air and Kanon. Seasons is a very simple game, basically pure role-play with some guidelines related to revealing what makes people tick and helping them out. It bears some resemblance to It’s Complicated, only not as good.

Click here to download.

10 thoughts on “Kyawaii RPG #3: Seasons

  1. The funny thing is, in terms of layouts I’m mostly just fiddling with MS Word. I’m still getting used to the new version with its ribbon thing, but they added a bunch of stuff for making documents prettier. And I can sometimes waste hours tweaking font choices and such.

  2. This is my favorite Kyawaii RPG so far. I was thinking about it earlier this morning and an idea popped into my head concerning it.

    Chains could be imported into a game that uses freeform aspects. As a character’s past get revealed, the aspect becomes broader. The biggest problem with the idea that I can see, is that it makes some types of chains more mechanically sound that others.

  3. I like it a lot so far. It’s got this certain style, sort of a mixture of quirky and melodramatic characterization with touches of magical realism, that won’t work for everyone.

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