Kyawaii RPG #7: Manly Men!

It’s been forever since I last posted up a Kyawaii RPG, but got something like half a dozen I started and never finished. I ended up tossing together the rest of this one this morning. It’s kind of a self-parody in that I seem to come up with a lot of RPGs where the characters are all girls, so I decided to make one where they’re all ridiculously masculine guys. At first I wasn’t sure how to go about making this game, but it basically turned out to be “Chuck Norris Facts: The Role-Playing Game.”

Click here to download.

6 thoughts on “Kyawaii RPG #7: Manly Men!

  1. you seem to have an uncanny ability to directly appeal to my preferences. MAID RPG was the best 8 dollars I’ve ever spent, and I plan on testing out magical burst tomorrow with my friends.
    If you ever want to collaborate with someone you barely know on something send an e-mail my way. I can do character art.

    1. Thanks! It looks like you draw some really cool stuff, and could potentially help out a lot with some of my RPG projects. I don’t know when I’ll finally get stuff to the point of legitimately needing art, but I will definitely keep you in mind whenever the time finally comes. :3

      And yeah, I do feel like there is a definite segment of fictional material out there that somehow no one else can be bothered to explore an RPG form. (And considering how much it seems to have struck a chord with some people, I really need to work more on Magical Burst…)

      1. it actually pushed me to start watching madoka (I’d been meaning to) and I couldn’t stop till I got to the last ep available. Homura’s story is almost exactly an idea I’ve been wanting to make into a story for years. I love her.

        beside that though, I just finished writing up the first episode for my magical burst test campaign! I’ll tell you how it goes, but fair warning, MAID is really the only RPG that can barely contain my group’s disregard for seriousness. Things will most likely go hilariously wrong.

        also you can check out my game if you want! it’s more of a strategy game than an rpg, but it’s free! (though incorporating rpg elements would be really interesting..)

      2. so I made my episode assuming that a “weak” youma was going to be the equivalent of a zako enemy. fighting six simultaneously in order to get the hang of combat was so time consuming my group lost interest. entirely my fault for not thinking it through, but it’d be nice if you added a quick and easily killed zako category. (so PC’s can wipe out a group in one hit and subsequently lull themselves into a false sense of security)

      3. Yeah, adding some kind of rules for minions is definitely on my to do list, probably as a special ability the GM can give youma.

  2. Speaking of Magical Burst, I was reading through your rules and couldn’t help but type up the sort of changes I would make if it were up to me. I don’t know if you’d be interested, but I stuck it all in a .txt and I could email it to you if you’d like. Mostly just brainstorming stuff – some of it you’ll probably hate, so just ignore whatever you don’t like.


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