Card Decks

d66 Deck

d66The d66 Deck is a versatile set of 72 cards that can fill in for dice and provide all sorts of inspiration!

  • Each card gives you the equivalent of a roll of two six-sided dice, presented as dice icons, the sum of the numbers, and the results of a tens-and-ones roll. It has two sets of 36 cards, providing the probability spread of 2d6 twice over.
  • Each card has a unique icon to use as a source of inspiration.
  • Great for Monopoly, backgammon, Catan, Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Maid RPG, and countless other games that use 2d6.
  • They’re pretty much perfect for use with Ewen’s Tables and other d66 tables.

DriveThruRPG ($9.99)
Indie Press Revolution ($9.99)

The Icon Tarot


The Icon Tarot is a minimalist monochrome tarot deck.

DriveThruCards ($9.99)