Spooktacular (and Sixtacular)

Spooktacular Cover

“Who’re you going to ask for a quote through their website? Wraithzappers!”

Spooktacular is an updated retroclone of a forgotten gem of 1980s RPG design, letting your play out the hilarious adventures of paranormal investigators who use dodgy science, possibly dangerous bleeding-edge paratechnology, and sheer chutzpah to capture ghosts and make a living.

In addition to all the rules you need to play this new take on an elegantly simple hidden classic of RPG design, this book includes:

  • Archetypes that give each character a nifty special ability, and optional Weird Archetypes so you can have an esper, witch, or other weirdo join the team.
  • A selection of wacky ghost-hunting gear. In addition to the basic etheric ray throwers and such, there are things like the Ghost Punchers (special gauntlets that do in fact let you punch ghosts) and Etheric Grenades (special grenades that blow ghosts up).
  • Three sample ghost-hunting companies (Wraithzappers, Ghost Rooter, and Phantom Finders) in various states of funding and legitimacy, as well as simple guidelines for making up your own company.
  • Short guides to ghost-hunting in the cities of Albuquerque, London, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.
  • Sample story ideas and a story generator table.
  • A selection of premade ghosts, ranging from the nagging Ancestor to the absurdly dangerous Ghostzilla.

To play you’ll need some pencils and paper, a bunch of six-sided dice (with at least one in a different color to be the Spooky Die), a few friends, and a few hours to play. Green novelty beverages are recommended but not required, especially since they haven’t made them in a while now.


DriveThruRPG (PDF $7.99/Print $15.99)
Amazon (Print $15.99)
Indie Press Revolution: PDF / Print+PDF


Spooktacular Sheet (Free PDF)
Official Spooktacular Spooky Dice (Via Indie Press Revolution) $5
Spooktacular Reference Cards (DriveThruRPG $7.99)

The Sixtacular System

The underlying rules of Spooktacular are also available under the Open Game License as the Sixtacular System!


If you’d like to create your own game using Sixtacular, simply download the System Reference Document below and be sure to follow the terms of the OGL.

Sixtacular SRD 1.0 (PDF)
Sixtacular SRD 1.0 (docx)