Kyawaii RPG #2: Monster Girls In Love

This game is for adults only. Yes, really.

If you are 18 or over, you may click here to read it.

This game is largely because of my association with Suichi. Because of him I know more about sexual fetishes than I probably should. And I also know that they’re actually much more hilarious than people realize. This game also has themes and shit. You play as monster girls, who have encounters with male adventurers, and not in the 4th Edition sense. Yes, really. It’s specifically meant to be a very threatening game, but also a thought-provoking one.

To play (not that I really expect anyone to), you’d need some six-sided dice and index cards, and at least three very, very open-minded people.

Please don’t take this thing too seriously. The next one will hopefully be both more innocent and better overall. Not that that’s saying much.

13 thoughts on “Kyawaii RPG #2: Monster Girls In Love

  1. I don’t mind the game concept. It’s unique. And the subjects brought up in the game are kind of interesting, but I can’t stand for such bad spelling mistakes. I’m afraid I’ve lost respect for you.

  2. Well…

    I GUESS I’m in the target audience of people who will seriously think about this sort of thing… At least, I don’t scoff it off immediately, although I have absolutely no idea how I’d get people willing to play, and play it seriously.

    Still, the game seems fairly abrupt. You either get raped, eat someone, or make lots and lots of babies, completely by a small number of die rolls, and then it just ends, you know, BECAUSE.

    I guess the almost completely random life story can’t be helped too much, but I think the game should have a more serious ending. You know, instead of just comparing notes after three rounds, maybe marrying a hero, taking over your own dungeon, building a reverse harem, being captured and put on display in a freak show with kids throwing peanuts at you for the rest of your miserable life, etc. with play continuing until everyone hits the requisite criteria to win/lose.

    Oh, and female adventurers, just for fun. (After defeating the character, do you use her for food? Use her as bait for more adventurers? Declare her beta female of your pack/your sister, and share the males and/or have her care for your young?)

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the last post, but you should reconsider what you call those stats…

    Orifaces, especially, you might want to call it “Sensuality”, instead, or something else, since it’s basically skill at sex, not a count of holes. It would likely cut down on the pointing and laughing at the game.

    Likewise, since Charisma basically dictates how well you do in love, you might want to expand its description to be more than just looks.

  4. There’s some things that need clearing up, too…

    What happens in the event of a tie roll is one – ties are common in these low integer games. Do you play out fighting (or whatever you’re competing on) to a standstill, then have a chance to reroll, do you win/lose all ties, or do you just keep rerolling until someone is a winner, then start roleplaying?

    What does it mean when “Satiety” goes up after devouring? That’s a term not covered anywhere else, and it sounds like it’s supposed to be some kind of track. (Freedom? Eros?)

    Also, the game ends “after everyone has three encounters”… Does this only count encounters with adventurers that perform some significant action with the monsters, or does this include adventurers who are ignored? (There would be little reason to ignore someone if it uses up one of your three chances to score some points…)

    The fact that you can win simply by letting yourself get *ahem* rambunctiously cuddled repeatedly, and having multiple spawn seems counter-productive to encouraging good role playing. Basically, it hands out the keys to victory to Polyhedron Ex Machina.

    Oh… right… I’m not supposed to think about these things, I forgot…

    Stupid brain, always thinking.

  5. Honesty this and several other of Ewen’s games feel more like some kind of Euro-style board game than a RPG to me. That’s not a bad thing just I think that there are board games out there that Ewen would like.

  6. I’m definitely going to have to sit down and rethink the game, probably more or less from the ground up in terms of its rules. Maybe I just need to try harder, but I find it very difficult to make a more open-structured RPG with a short page count that feels “complete.” The only even remotely traditional RPG I know that feels complete in 6 pages is Risus, and I consider it a work of absolute genius.

    I’ve come to view the distinctions between genres of tabletop games as a continuum, and while personally I need a certain amount of role-play for a game to keep my interest, there is apparently a whole lot of crossover with non-card games using cards in creative ways, wargame-style miniatures creeping into board and role-playing games, etc. And I still want to make an RPG that uses a spinner. ;)

    As for Wraith’s questions, I totally didn’t think about ties, and pretty much any of the options you suggested would be fine. I would just have people roll a die as a tiebreaker. Satiety is supposed to be a track; I probably forgot to list it as such.

    On the whole I’m not really happy with how this one turned out, but I think I’m going to wait a while and come back to it later.

  7. for Devour : you have the choice to abuse him or eat him, but I was wondering what abusing would do (in game rules I mean =_= )

    what I would suggest is that :

    – if she abuse him, use the same rolls than for Enjoy, but with “Predator roll – Battle roll” instead of “Orifices/Weird Roll + Prowess Roll”

    – if she eats him, then er… maybe she can add 1 to 2 different tracks, and justify it in RP ; or add 1 to a stat, also with justifying it, but juste once in the game

    other suggestions :

    – doing more adventurers than monsters, and stopping when each MILF (I love this pun :p) has had as much encounters than there is adventurers (e.g. 9 encounters with 9 adventurers) or less if everybody got tired ^^

    – the end is okay as it is in the pdf, with each MILF describing her end as she likes it, it feels like a good winning award ^^

    – I would suggest writing on the adventurers sheets the different Total DV for each MILF, to avoid calculating them at each encounter, considering stats nearly never changes, Total DV neither do

    – one thing that cool be cool would be that adventurers gain stats depending on the encounter ; for example, after having been “seduced” three times by an Octopus-girl, the Necromancer shouldn’t be left at -1 Prowess DV… so for example, make a roll after having sex, on a 1 or 2 he gain 1 in prowess permanently (or Kink if monster has 3+ in Weird, or Battle if she has 3+ in Predator ; Monster’s choice). Also, if he couldn’ have sex (either ignored or resisted), the adventurer gains temporarily 1 in Lust, until he can Do This Thing ; each time ignored/resisted, it accumulates… don’t ignore him too much.

    and… sincere condolences man… must be very hard seeing people talking seriously about this game :/ don’t worry, I don’t know if there is that much people that would play it… not among humans I think ^_^°

  8. I guess I’m just not terribly comfortable with short games, to be honest.

    The Maid games I played were all “to be continued” at the end of a session, and, occasionally, if we could find all the players again, actually were continued only to be left in the middle of a scene again.

    I guess I’d just be happier with a game that simply ends whenever a good stopping point has been reached, rather than hitting a arbitrary deadline, and competing over score.

    Also, on the topic of score, having 5 completely seperate scores, and making only the highest one count, seems to very heavily favor min/maxing (for lack of a better term). Instead of a Satiety score, I’d rather see something more like a choice of Freedom or Eros (what says “I’m nobody’s bitch” more than kicking the ass of, and cooking and devouring the ass of a potential rapist?), or maybe getting a choice between gaining Freedom or making another Seduction or Sensuality roll with a bonus applied for showing the adventurer who’s boss.

    I could also see trying to trim it down to three tracks – basically, a love, power, and pleasure triad. Love for managing to attract a lover and raise children and/or hold multiple hapless men in your grip to feed your rate of spawning, and potentially just feed your lovely and adorable spawn. Power for general ass-kicking, and resistance. Pleasure for getting high quality and quantity in the department of that physical stuff.

    If one of those falls too far, you might lose the game entirely – A monster who loses all her Power (start the game with a baseline amount) will wind up sold to a city zoo, or even stuffed upon the mantle of the adventurer who slew her. A girl with no pleasure in her life might just go nuts, and go into a frenzy, getting herself stopped by the city guard from harvesting men from a nearby town, or bite off more than she can chew, summoning a ‘perfect man’ demon that presses her into a very unfortunate bargain.

    Damnit, you made me start thinking again… you know what happens when I think….

  9. You know, you seem to be much more interested in this game than I am. If you want to hunker down and revise it and such, you’re more than welcome to. As long as you give me credit, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.

  10. I read this back then and didn’t know what I should say about the game.
    I would have to put it into the “I will never find players to play this game.”-category. I’m not even sure I would want to play it myself. And that from somebody who holds the annual German Hentai Music Video Iron Chef. >_< *feels ashamed*

  11. Well Ewen, the idea is fantastic! And this should become a very nice and funny party game for those “i’m too tired to master my main rpg serious camapaign” nights!!!

    I hope the mini-system will become more solid. At this stage we can’t play with that.

    x Streicher: Of course i found the same errors / superficialities: ties, Satiety etc. We need a revised version! :D

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