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Kyawaii RPG #1: Peerless Food Fighters!

(Original illustration forthcoming)
(Original illustration forthcoming)

So, listening to the Independent Insurgency podcast on XXXXtreme Street Luge got me all inspired. Aside from working on Slime Story with renewed vigor (when I was about ready to shelve it for a while), I decided to try writing shorter, wackier games.

Thus I present to you the first “Kyawaii RPG,” Peerless Food Fighters!. It’s all of 5 pages, and it’s kind of like Muteki Kanban Musume but not really. You play a girl who works are her parents’ restaurant, and your goal is to make your family’s restaurant more successful than those of the other players. So, without really meaning to I made a competitive RPG. Guy should be happy. It also does some neat things with player evaluation and scripted events.

1. What is a Kyawaii RPG?
It’s part of a series of short, weird RPGs I’m going to design when I feel like it.

2. What’s with that stupid name?
I like it. Shut up. It’s a subtle Lucky Star reference, for no particular reason. Also, considering that this is me (in the words of one of my online friends, “a very Asian non-Asian,” which I’m hoping is code for “kind of like a weeaboo, but not nearly that annoying”), it should have a vaguely Japanese name.

3. So they’re going to be short and crappy?
These are roughly on par with a 24-Hour RPG, except that trying to do a thing within a 24-hour span doesn’t work at all for how I create and live. Plus I’ll try to do a little bit of playtesting and revising, though not until after I shove the thing into the world.

4. Why the hell are you doing this?
Because normally I’m bad at finishing things. Hence, short things that I’m more likely to finish.

5. Aren’t you just ripping off XXXXtreme Street Luge?
Fuck you. I actually got inspired to get off my ass and design stuff, and to finish it. Plus, every design contest manages to happen at the very shittiest time possible for me.

6. Whatever. What’s the next one going to be?
I’m not going to post about a given game until it’s done. All I will say about the next one I’m working on is that it’s going to be as perverted as people wrongly assume Maid RPG must be.

7. What do I need to play?
Depends on which one. PFF uses six-sided dice and tokens. But I also want to do ones that use cards and other things.