Magical Fury

It started out as another boring day at work. Then a magical girl showed up, like something straight out of an anime. Except that I haven’t seen an anime where the magical girl threatens to kill people. She was throwing lightning bolts around and saying something about the reincarnation of Star Princess Astraia being in the building. It turns out that was me. So now I look like a scrawny teenage girl, and I have magical star powers, and a psychotic magical girl named Shadow Princess Umbra is making my life hell. She blew up my parents’ house. And the more of Astraia’s memories I uncover, the more I think that Umbra isn’t even close to being the worse of it. But I’m going to keep fighting, because giving up isn’t an option.

Magical Fury is a dark magical girl RPG, inspired by anime series like Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Your characters start out as normal girls who discover that they are reincarnated magical girls. They awaken to their powers under fire, and it will be up to you to decide where she goes with new her life from there.

The game uses a very simple variant of the Apocalypse World engine, aimed at fast and flavorful play that you can jump into on short notice or play in a more deliberate, long-term style. Battles come down to a handful of rolls, and throughout the emphasis is decidedly on the consequences of the course of action you choose.
The book also includes an appendix with 17 random tables to help you along with character creation and other things that pop up during play.

To play you will need some six-sided dice, character sheets, and something to write with.


Buy Magical Fury PDF ($3.99) or Print ($7.99) from DriveThruRPG
Indie Press Revolution: Print, PDF, Print + PDF
Buy Magical Fury in Print from Amazon ($7.99)
Buy Magical Fury PDF from ($3.99)
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Download Magical Fury Character Sheet (PDF)

The Magical Fury Companion is a collection of new material for Magical Fury, adding new options and expanding the world and especially the youma who threaten it.

Buy the Magical Fury Companion PDF from DriveThruRPG ($2.49)
Indie Press Revolution ($2.49)

Magical Fury Appendix DTRPG

The Magical Fury Appendix is a second collection of new material for Magical Fury, adding new tables and sample characters and locations.

Buy the Magical Fury Appendix PDF from DriveThruRPG ($2.49)

Actual Play

Role-Playing Public Radio: Magical Fury Actual Play (City A): Ross Payton ran a one-shot of Magical Fury, and you can listen in to this 2-hour game!

Insert Quest Here: Magical Creator Girls: The IQH crew did a six-part campaign!

Rag-NERD-rok: Tour de Force Majeure: Rag-NERD-rock brings us a Magical Fury one-shot about a J-pop group (and their manager) awakening to their magical powers.

2 thoughts on “Magical Fury

  1. Hello, Ewen. I bought Magical Fury, and wound up making a few changes to the random tables and adding a game mechanic, after playtesting with some friends. If you’d like to hear about it:

    -Edited the name tables to be more multicultural (one of the issues that I had with the original was that the names tended to either be Japanese or European in origin, and little else).
    -Edited the Magical Names to correspond to magical themes, so we didn’t encounter water users with names like “Blazing Flame Mirai”.
    -Added a new costume table that made it easier for me personally to draw up costumes on the spot: a print based on their element, a focal point/shape, and an accent element.
    -Made a new table called “Instant NPC Magical Girl”, with different name possibilities, darker magical themes, and a short list of problems that might motivate them.
    -Edited the Trauma boxes so a magical girl doesn’t necessarily have to harm herself (previously, the wording made it sound like she had to deliberately injure herself, which is bad for players triggered by self-harm).
    -Added a rudimentary growth mechanic where, if the GM thinks it fits into the narrative, players can now add +1 to one roll in combat for each previous battle they’ve participated in. I think it’s a little simple, but my players and I agreed that there should be some sort of growth mechanic so battle wasn’t entirely luck-based.
    -Printed it out and added glitter to the pages.

    If you read all that, thank you! Even though you already published it, it means a lot that you want to hear what players have to say.

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