I Want to be an Awesome Robot

I Want to be an Awesome Robot is a geeky humor book, a collection of random essays and lists covering such topics as:

  • Role-Playing Games
  • Dice, and the Superstitions Surrounding Them
  • Anime
  • The Japanese Language
  • Japanese Folk Tales
  • Tea
  • Sushi
  • Bacon
  • Gamer Snacks
  • Presidential Geeks
  • Secrets of Silicon Valley
  • Why Zombies Are Dumb
  • Conventions
  • Failed Memes
  • The Schoolgirl RPG (derived from Maid RPG)
  • 18 Jokes For Kids
  • Places I Have Visited, inlcuding Japan, Albuquerque, and Washington D.C.
  • Today In Geek History

Buy Things

This collection of humorous misinformation is now available for a reasonable price. It is available in paper form, as well as a variety of digital formats (by which I mean PDF, mobi, and epub), usable on most devices, platforms, e-readers, and cybernetic implants.

In Paper Form From Amazon or from Lulu for those who prefer cream-colored paper
In a Purely Digital Form for the Amazon Kindle Platform and Its Plethora of Clients, Likely Including the Very Device You Are Using RIGHT NOW!
Via Digital Sorcery (or Paper Form with Digital Witchcraft Included at No Additional Charge) From DriveThruFiction
Via Simpler Digital Sorcery From Gumroad

Free Things

The book also features a Fun Activities section, and I am making certain portions of this available as a free PDF download, and they will be more fun to print out and mutilate at home without endangering your precious Awesome Robot book.

Word Find & Crossword
As they are rather difficult to put into an ebook file, I have included the word find and crossword from the Fun Activities section.
Awesome Robot Word Find & Crossword PDF

The Bird Game
The Bird Game is a game kind of like Channel A and its derivatives, but where you make up birds instead of anime. Available as a free PDF. A new Deluxe Edition of The Bird Game is also available for a modest fee from DriveThruCards.

Coloring Section
The book also includes a short, geeky coloring section featuring artwork by Dawn Davis. I’ve made the coloring section available as a free PDF to print and share.


*I had hoped to offer an obelisk version, but neither CreateSpace nor Lulu offer that format for some reason.

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