All That Glitters is Palladium

2019-01-04 13.27.32

  • Founded in 1981, Palladium Books is one of the weirdest tabletop RPG publishers, which is really saying something.
  • Coverage of 15 different Palladium RPGs and the entire Palladium Books Megaverse!
  • 5 humorous lists of amusing elements of Palladium’s games.
  • A detailed explanation of the Megaversal RPG system and its general strangeness.
  • A discussion of Palladium’s production values, including parental warnings, formatting, writing style, and art!
  • A detailed discussion of Rifts!
  • The Robotech RPG Tactics Debacle!

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Small Company Big Mess

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In 1997, Guardians of Order published Big Eyes Small Mouth, which became an important milestone in the quirky history of anime-inspired tabletop RPGs. In 2006, the company imploded and the founder disappeared for a while. In between, the company put out dozens of games and supplements, ranging from triumphs like the Sailor Moon RPG and Resource Book to weirdness like the Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure Ultimate Fan Guide. They brought anime–and not just mecha anime–to the forefront in RPGs, and also helped preserve and revive titles important to RPG history like M.A.R. Barker’s legendary Empire of the Petal Throne. And all of it was while having a game system that frankly was kind of a mess.

So strap in, and get ready to experience the ups and downs of the history of this important and now dead RPG publisher.

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Gotta Type Fast!

This 24-page zine is an introduction to steno, the incredible machines that court reporters and CART providers use to transcribe speech in real time. While it used to be too expensive for anyone to take up casually, the Open Steno Project has made it possible to be a stenography hobbyist and use it for writing, coding, translation, chat, and whatever else you can think of that uses the keyboard a decent amount. This zine covers the history of steno, the culture around it, and how to get setup with the hardware and software to start learning.

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Choose Your Own Homura

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You are HOMURA AKEMI, also known as HOMU-HOMU, a MAGICAL GIRL who possesses POWER OVER TIME. After yet another failed attempt to fight the terrible Witch known as WALPURGIS NIGHT (though to be fair your idea to try cursing at it in German wasn’t your best), you find yourself waking up in what has become the too-familiar hospital bed. And you know what? Let’s just drop the POINTLESS CAPITALIZATION right now. Anyway, what’re you going to do?

Choose Your Own Homura is a very silly gamebook where you play as Akemi Homura and experience some epically stupid jokes and references as you try to navigate through your myriad choices to a happy ending.

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Cats I Have Known

2019-01-04 13.27.09

A 12-page zine with funny, heartfelt stories about the cats that I’ve known over the years, with little cartoon kitty drawings for each one.

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2019-01-04 13.26.40

A 12-page zine of loss memes.

Why did you do it, Ewen?

Wait, is there a Loss meme in this description?

I bet you want me to think there is so I’ll keep looking for it.

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Ewen’s Tables Zine

2018-12-28 14.50.03
A collection of 23 especially silly tables, including a brand new one for zine titles.

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Melancholy Kaiju

2018-12-28 13.41.56
Melancholy Kaiju is a role-playing game where you and some friends make up stories about cute giant monsters living ordinary lives and being kind of sad.

It has six sample kaiju (The Amazing Colossal Office Lady, Beatzilla, Hole Punch Man, King Emo, MUKO, and Parfaitrah), rules an optional tables for making your own kaiju, rules for playing the game, and a table of ideas for scenes.

To play you’ll need a pack of playing cards, pencils and paper, and a few friends.

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itch.io PDF ($4)
Etsy Zine Version ($5)
Melancholy Kaiju Sheet

Conservapedia Is Incredibly Weird

2018-12-28 14.50.31

Conservapedia is a Wikipedia knockoff created and maintained by some supremely strange people. This 12-page zine provides an introduction to Conservapedia’s sheer weirdness, including the obsession with atheists being fat and Andy Shlafly’s inability to fully comprehend why people might believe differently from himself.

Etsy ($2.50)

Wookieepedia Gets Really Strange

I don’t know if you knew this, but Wookieepedia is the Star Wars wiki. It has over 150,000 articles, and it gets pretty damn weird in some places. This zine covers a bunch of my personal favorite weird things from Wookieepedia and the various Star Wars continuities.

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