Keyboard Stuff

During the pandemic I took up mechanical keyboards as a hobby, and this page has some of the fruits of that new obsession. My Etsy store has some keycaps and PCBs, and below you can find some written resources for keyboard hobbyists.

Handwired Keyboards

“Handwired” keyboards use wiring done by hand in place of a PCB. They’re more labor-intensive to build, but even more customizable. In trying to figure out how they work, I put together a guide that compiles everything in ways that make sense to me. is a chording system that lets you produce most keystrokes with one hand using only 8 keys. I went as far as to put together a short textbook called “Learning” that runs through everything you need to get started with the system. I also put together the Watercolor, a set of wiring diagrams and firmware that let you build a handwired keyboard for use with

My Collection

  • More or Less Normal
    • CTRL
    • Epomaker GK68X
    • Rama Works KARA (Iced)
    • QAZ
    • Zlant
  • Split Ergonomic
    • Microdox
    • Gergoplex Heavy
    • Gergoplex
  • Ortholinear
    • Naked48
    • Dilly
  • Numpads and Macropads
    • Setta21
    • LemPad
    • Spacepad
    • Sidekick
    • Soyuz
    • micro5
    • Koolertron 23-key Macropad
  • Steno
    • EcoSteno
    • Stentura Protege
    • SOFT/HRUF Splitography
    • Georgi
  • Gamepads
    • TouhouPad v2
  • Other
    • Paintbrush v5
    • Ginny