Yaruki Zero Podcast #19: Back in Action

If you know me at all, you know that I’m really random about when I get inspired to actually do things, such that I jump from project to project all the time. The other day I got inspired to revive my project to do an iRiff of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which in turn led me to get some better recording gear, which in turn inspired me to get back into podcasting. This first new episode is a recap of what I’ve been up to in terms of my own game design and translation projects. There’s quite a bit to cover. I started using Audacity (which is quite good), and didn’t feel like messing around trying to get the music in this time around, so for better or for worse this episode is an hour of just my voice.

Yaruki Zero Podcast #19 (62 minutes, 16 seconds)

Very awesome caricature of Ewen courtesy of the talented C. Ellis.

4 thoughts on “Yaruki Zero Podcast #19: Back in Action

  1. Yey! Thanks for not podfading forever. I’ve had a few designs backburnered for a year. Your gushing of creative fervor is totally inspiring for me to actually move a couple things into Beta and perhaps another into Alpha.

    Also, I felt really bad that I had three projects going at a time, like I should focus… but I really just got over that! :P

  2. Looking forward to most of this stuff. Already in on TBZ and I can’t wait for Golden Sky Stories. Ditto for Magical Burst and any developments with Channel A. I missed the boat on Apocalypse World, but my love of Dragon-Half and Slayers is telling me to start getting familiar with it.

    As far as an app, which is a great idea, have you seen Mystic Empyrean? It’s not quite what you’re aiming for (it still requires character sheets, for example) but it’s an interesting presentation. The game uses a card drawing mechanic and even has that built within the app version. Looking over the practice test pdf for Raspberry Heaven made it come to mind.

    1. I am in fact familiar with the Mystic Empyrean app; we’ve been talking with the guy behind it about possibly doing a Maid RPG app, though everyone concerned has been incredibly busy.

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