Dragon World Hack v0.2

I’ve posted about it a good amount already, but Dragon World is my 90s comedy fantasy anime hack for Apocalypse World, a very silly fantasy game. Dragon Half and Slayers are major inspirations, but just about every fantasy anime I’ve ever seen figures into it a bit, along with Discworld and the sillier parts of every D&D campaign I’ve ever been in.

This is the “Hack” version of the game, so to play you’ll need to have a copy of Apocalypse World, or at least a good knowledge of how AW works.

Here are the major changes I’ve made from the previous version:

  1. Leveling Up: I replaced marking experience with leveling up, which characters can simply do once per session between scenes.
  2. Guts Points: PCs now have Guts points that they can spend to avoid Falling Down (or to affect die rolls), but every time they do they have to make a roll to avoid having a Stress Explosion.
  3. Wealth: The group shares a special Wealth stat that can fluctuate up or down, and which they get to roll on when they buy stuff.
  4. Story Threads: Instead of connections/History, PCs now have Story Threads, which encompass other PCs as well as other story elements. These don’t have mechanical significance, but they do create relationships and story hooks.
  5. Setting Ideas: I filled out my initial section of NPC and setting ideas.

Dragon World Hack 0.2 PDF
Dragon World Reference & Class Sheets PDF

3 thoughts on “Dragon World Hack v0.2

  1. So I ran this tonight, excellent fun was had by the Explosive Mage, Nutjob Cleric, Thief and Shaman. They started on the run from the mob/city guard after their last misadventure, escaped (thru fast-talk and fire) went on a quest for the Ultimate Spell of Magister Vilma Destruction, the Last Seed of the Great Oak-en, the Holy Golden Pizza Slice, and stealing said holy item.
    In the course of reckless disregard for the safety of themselves and others, and a partially successful selling out of the party, they found themselves as sacrificial toppings on the Great Pizza Stone of the heretic sect of food cultists (toppings first, then cheese!)

    Things I found tricky, other can coming up with streams of nonsense…
    – spouting lore, who says what the lore they are spouting about is? I had the players narrate things, then adjudicated based on the roll. This may or have been correct?
    – felt I had to rush in a move to get a clue and just up and told them what the macguffin was (cause the great pizza maker to lose faith). I was running in a just over 2 hour slot and wanted to finish up with a win. Or at least a powered up Big Bang that blew everything up.
    – I was also trying to fit in as many hearts desires in as possible, which may have been a bit much for a oneshot.
    – the list of moves are very different from other AW derivatives, much less, well, hard. I did make people Fall Down where appropriate. I need to think about them more.

    But, everyone said it was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot, so I’d like to say thanks for putting this together. A success!

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