GenCon Indy 2007: The Pre-Game

My creative mojo is still on vacation — which is just as well since I have a crapload of school and work stuff to contend with — so nothing new to report on the RPG front except that my OVA-based dimension-hopping game (“Divine Machine”) is taking a long time to properly get off the ground, on account of a substantial portion of the group having various obligations to attend to for multiple successive weeks. I’m hoping we’ll be able to play on the 19th.

I’m beginning to wonder if GenCon Indy isn’t too damn big for its own good. It slipped my mind that event registration opened yesterday, and this morning (i.e., barely 24 hours later) about 2/3 of the RPG events were full. On the plus side that includes both of the Maid RPG sessions I’ll be running. Also, Guy tells me that since we’re staying at the Embassy Suites finding people to play with after hours shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll almost certainly wind up running Maid RPG at least one more time. Hopefully I can get in on some Shab-al-Hiri Roach, DitV, etc.

1 thought on “GenCon Indy 2007: The Pre-Game

  1. Hey man-

    Looks like I’m coming to GenCon after all. I’m probably going to hold my own “phantom convention” at the con site entirely in the form of free gaming at the open gaming areas with my friends.

    Are you still going? If so, we must throw down.


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