So. Things.

Ugh. So, I wasn’t able to participate in GameChef even to help out with feedback, and I’m almost certainly not going to get any further with Moonsick in time for it to be considered for Push. School has been kind of intense and stressful lately, and my creative mojo tank is running dangerously low. Spring break is taking too long to arrive (seriously; it’s two weeks later than at the college one of my friends goes to), and Summer vacation can’t come soon enough. Hopefully then I’ll be able to get some shit done. Of course, it doesn’t help that GameChef, like NaNoWriMo, comes at kind of a lousy time for anyone who’s in college (“Should I work on this game/novel, or be ready for midterms?”). If either one was during the Summer, I’d have more free time for them than I’d know what to do with. But then it’d probably manage to be a lousy time for everyone who’s actually got a real job. I may try to make July my own personal NaNoWriMo, but then the moment I try to do something like that I usually get inundated with freelance work.

So, apart from struggling mightily to concentrate on studying (I should be studying for my midterm rather than writing this) I haven’t been doing a whole lot. I’m starting up an anime-inspired dimension-hopping campaign using OVA (“Divine Machine”) and we’re going to resume and conclude our stalled Truth & Justice campaign as well. More on those when something actually happens, which probably won’t be for another two weeks.

I got a copy of the original Japanese version of Tenra Bansho Zero in the mail the other day, and I haven’t had time to do more than skim it, but (1) damn does it look awesome, and (2) now I understand entirely too well why it’s taking Andy so long to get it out in English.

That’s all for now. go away.

Edit: One more thing: Tokyo Heroes Actual Play.

2 thoughts on “So. Things.

  1. I want TBZ in English so much it almost hurts!

    Also, once you finish your Mid-Terms, I expect reviews/reads of Troll Lands and MY Game Chef Entry, Juicy Rider, you could consider these, or at least the latter, your feedback for the event, hah!

    Late spring break sucks ass, yo.

    Also, playtest my games, they’re awesome, and would help me greatly!

  2. Man, give us something about TBZ when you can ;)

    Also, I could use some post Game Chef feedback on my Utena riff game, Abolute Destiny Apocalype. As an anime inspired fighty game, I suppose it’s your kind of game after all ;)

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