Nechronica: The Long, Long Sequel

Nechronica Cover
Just recently Tsugihagi Honbo updated their site with info on their latest game, due out soon, called Nechronica. It’s not out yet, though their Tsugihagi Tayori #3 doujin has a preview replay included.

From the sound of things, it seems like a post-apocalyptic undead kind of setting, with some Rozen Maiden and Maid RPG thrown in for good measure, and I’ll definitely be ordering it as soon as it’s out.

From the description on the site:

In this world, humanity has been destroyed.
In this world, everyone is dead.
In this world, no one dies anymore.
Only the dead remain to act.

The protagonists of Nechronica: The Long, Long Sequel are young girls with the misfortune to have hearts. The dolls. Put simply, this is a game where you play girl zombies and fight other zombies.

The dead can move again through the necromancer who rules the ruined world. He serves as both the game’s ultimate boss, and a mechanism to move it forward. That is because it is the necromancer who gives these girls hearts. In a world of puppets, these dolls who have their own will, and can cry and laugh are mere toys to the necromancer. He sends enemies at them, and enjoys the tragedy or comedy that results.

These dolls are already dead, and do not die merely from being broken.

They’re already quite dead, after all.

The world is already finished too.

So, let’s have some tea under a lead-gray sky, and tell tales of a long, long sequel.

A preview replay of Nechronica: The Long, Long Sequel has been published in Tsugihagi Tayori Vol. 3. Please take a look if you’re interested.

The site also mentions a third Yuuyake Koyake supplement on the way, Kore Kara no Michi, or “The Road From Here”. This will be the final Yuuyake Koyake book, and will focus on playing as people, and is slated for release at JGC 2009 (which means early September).

17 thoughts on “Nechronica: The Long, Long Sequel

  1. Can you please provide a translation for Nechronica? Even just the mechanics, so we can play too? It’s only in japanese so I can’t just buy it and play.

      1. So, I would also very much like to see an English translation of Nechronica, but there are a few issues with that, particularly for me personally. In particular I have a business relationship with the designer/publisher, which makes participating in a fan translation a particularly awkward proposition for me. Kamiya doesn’t feel that the game is a good fit for the American market either, though if enough people express interest I will seriously consider trying to talk him into letting us license it. If he’s really given his blessing to a fan translation as someone on /tg/ has claimed I’d be much more inclined to lend a hand, but regardless I have so much stuff on my plate right now (including gearing up for the release of another translated RPG!) that it’ll be a while before I can really spare the time to contribute in any meaningful way.

        I do have a translation of the Nechronica replay from Tsugihagi Tayori 3 (the one they have available as a free PDF) though, and it would make a great sneak peek for anyone who wants a better idea what the game is actually like. I’ll see about releasing it into the wild soon.

  2. The translated replay would be awesome, after all it’s like an ad right?

    Right now some people on /tg/ are working on the character sheet and pre-made characters from the official site. All nice appetisers but not enough to play the game with.

    A tangible officially translated version would be amazing, but a pdf with just the core rules needed to play would be good enough for now.

  3. Only recently discovered this potential gen. It’s unfortunate this was never brought over. We could use some more completely original RPGs in the US and the fan translation is missing way too much (especially the latest content). Hopefully someday someone can either complete the translation or get this brought over.

  4. I’m sad to see that it’s unlikely that an official translation of this will be made. I can’t read a word of Japanese, but from the bits and pieces I’ve picked up from others this seems to be an awesome game. I would definitely contribute to any sort of Kickstarter or similar thing for this. And if by some chance you ever do find time and permission and are able to get it out, I’d buy it without regrets in a heartbeat.

    1. I’d definitely like to see an English version too (and there is a fan translation floating around BTW), but the art pushes the line to the point where publishing it as-is would be controversial at best, and might even get us into legal trouble. I have a vague idea to take the rules and reskin the game to be about robots or cyborgs or something, which I think would fit the whole interchangeable parts element pretty well, but it’d be a huge project to undertake.

      1. Are you talking about the gore/body horror content featuring little girls, or is there something more troublesome than that in there that I’m not aware of?

        Honestly, a cyborg/robot reskin would diminish my interest a lot, because the dark, gruesome adorableness of undead children and the contrast between the presumed innocence of children and the horror of the world is a big draw for me.

      2. It’s a combination of body horror with little girls and there being a lot of risque art of those characters. I think I’d rather let someone else try to navigate that minefield if they think they can do it justice, but for a Western audience it would be tricky to say the least.

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