Every now and then I come up with a character that really strikes a chord and becomes something of an obsession. Octavia, my D&D character (a human warlord and Cormyr noblewoman, currently has the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd) is one of those. Hence, I commissioned a plush of her:

Octavia Plush by Squisherific

Update: The Octavia plush arrived in person; unveiling photos here.

Update 2: Here’s Adam’s artwork of her, which happened to arrive on the same day as the plushie!

1 thought on “Octavia!

  1. Hey man, I’d love to do a drawing of your character if your interested. I can (and have professionally) drawn in an Anime/Manga style and I’d love to give it a shot. Email me a description and whether it should be more serious or cutesy-humorous.

    Barking Alien

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