Thoughts on Podcast #1

On the whole I would cautiously call my first attempt at podcasting a success. Granted, I think maybe six people actually listened to it, most of whom are my friends, but then the first one wasn’t terribly relevant to anyone who isn’t already familiar with my stuff. And, I haven’t made any real effort to advertise it at all except for mentioning it on Twitter and my LiveJournal, something I won’t get into doing until I’m more confident that this will be a regular thing. It was fun and not too terribly time-consuming to do, and after listening to the result a couple times, I think I’m off to a good start. One listener even complimented my voice. O_o

I’m going to sit down and do some planning before I get too carried away, not to mention get some advice from the very small number of people I know who actually do media type stuff. Removing some of the sources of distracting noises (Trillian and my squeaky chair) will help, and I need to look into music for bumpers (I’m thinking of using this song; nice and relaxing) and some other things.

I don’t really want to commit to having a regular “broadcast partner”, but I definitely do want to get other people to join in and talk about stuff. I like being able to babble on by myself without any worries about the logistics of assembling multiple people, and no matter what I’ll be doing that at least part of the time, even if I’m not confident about keeping up with the Paul Tevises of the podcasting world (in terms of being a good solo podcaster). On the other hand, I’m very interested in talking to people with different perspectives on gaming. Of course, whether in person or over Skype, I need to work out the technical stuff for actually doing that, and recruit people to talk to.

Some tentative ideas for future shows:

  • Anime and RPGs. A solo show where I blather on about the intersection of Japanese animation and role-playing games.
  • My group’s experiences with D&D4e.
  • Something about how RPGs have changed over time.
  • Maid RPG. A lengthy discussion of the game, ideally involving Andy K.
  • Japanese TRPGs. A long discussion of the Japanese tabletop scene. Again, getting Andy involved would be essential.
  • I want to talk to my friend Tim about the freeform role-playing scene that flourished at his middle school.
  • Likewise, I want to talk to Guy about the gaming scene in Israel, and how he interfaces with the online RP scene.

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