Yaruki Zero Podcast #1: Opening Remarks


This is my first attempt at a podcast, basically a dry run at talking into a microphone. In this installment, I give a quick summary of my “career” as an RPG gamer, from playing Robotech back in the 7th grade up to the present, and a bit about what I’ve been working on.

Yaruki Zero Podcast #1 (26 minutes, 34 seconds)

Show Notes

2 thoughts on “Yaruki Zero Podcast #1: Opening Remarks

  1. In a couple of days (04/12) my internet speeds will be back to normal, so I’ll take some time out to give you feedback then. If not, DM me over twitter (keikomushi) to remind me.

  2. Hey just listened to your first podcast yesterday. Good stuff. I was interested in hearing your RPG history. In the future, I’d love to hear you go into more detail about the whole process that goes into procuring, translating and publishing a game from Japan. Thanks!

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