Tokyo Kung Fu Catgirls

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The first rough draft of Thrash 2.0 is finished! Seriously! After I get some feedback from my local friends I’ll be posting it up.

In the meantime I wound up poking at some of the other things on my hard drive. I’d forgotten how neat Catgirl: The Storytelling Game (a semi-tongue-in-cheek parody of White Wolf-ness, but with lots of otaku memes thrown in) was looking. It’s going to be a ST-ish Fudge variant, and the point of it would mostly be just to do the setting for the fun of it.

I also wound up poking at Tokyo Heroes a little, finally. Again, with tremendously helpful feedback from Filip. Here’s what I’m working on so far:

  • Sessions are divided into four distinct phases: Prologue, Investigation, Battle, and Epilogue
  • The Investigation phase essentially involves clearing “gates” set out by the GM for the heroes to find and/or figure out how to beat the monster of the week. Gates can be cleared by using Keys, or just by being in the right place, or by succeeding at challenges. Gates can become improvised, they can be linked, they can branch, and they can provide special advantages against the bad guy.
  • The switch to Keys being the basis of investigation stuff has made many of the attributes in the game irrelevant. Tentatively there’ll be three: Courage (melee attack/defense), Prowess (ranged attack/defense), and Kiai/Spirit (for finishers, and encouraging teammates). This neatly does away with having an overpowered Attack attribute.
  • I’m pretty much getting rid of Stamina and Resistance. I still need to work out more of the specifics, but basically the heroes have a Blast Gauge that indicates how far the battle has escalated. For sentai heroes it starts at Basic Attacks, and moves up until it reaches Finishing Attacks. The Blast Gauge varies a little bit depending on the type of battle (the version for robots and magical girls doesn’t include a Basic Attack stage). Bad guys cause heroes to accumulate Pain, which can eventually cause them to be de-transformed or incapacitated if they get enough.
  • Part of setting up the game is setting up a Budget progression, which determines how powerful the bad guys are and creates a long-term pacing mechanic for the heroes getting handed new robots/powers/etc. Gates are part of the GM’s budget for each episode/monster.

8 thoughts on “Tokyo Kung Fu Catgirls

  1. Thrash 2.0, a Catgirl RPG AND a revised Tokyo Heroes with a more logical (in terms of sentai logic) battle system?! I can’t wait to see this stuff as a PDF ;) !

  2. Well, Thrash will be along very soon. I’m not sure how long the new changes to Tokyo Heroes will take to finish up, and I have no idea when I’ll get back into working on Catgirl… Entirely too much depends on what my workload from school and freelance stuff is like.

  3. I guess good ideas need time to develop. I can’t imagine to create multiple games while having lots of work in RL ;)

    103 pages…great! Guess I know what I’ll do now. Hope that I can post some impressions tomorrow!

  4. Ah, yes! A new Tokyo Heroes! And I’ve seen that you’re using something like the suggested ‘Momentum’ Mechanic…Nice.

    I like the Gates mechanic; I’m assuming that, as you progress to the buildup before the fight, your success/failure for that ‘episode’ either makes you, or your opponent stronger- Sort of like AFMBE’s ‘Showdown’ mechanic. ^_^

  5. I’m not too familiar with AFMBE (though I have a friend I could borrow it from). Could you fill me in on the basics of this showdown thingy? ^_^

  6. Okay, in ‘A Fistful Of Zombies’, based in the Wild West, one chapter has an optional rule for the Bad Guys: ‘Each time of these Encounters takes place, and the Black Hat walks away, he gains +1 Initiative and +2 Life Points when the final Showdown takes place (Up to a maximum of +6 in each). Losing face to a gunslingin’ bully scares those townsfolk who are depending on the hero…And has real in-game effects as well.

    This is for the celluoid world of ‘Dances With Zombies’, which is about the episodic adventures of pure-as-snow Singing Cowboys, thus holding to several tv tropes- Including riocheting shots, and water barrels as cover, and Indians who just fall down and limp away when shot. ^_^

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