Thrash 2.0 Beta: GO!

I was originally planning to wait for my local friends to give me some feedback before putting the rough draft of Thrash up on the web, but I got impatient, as I’m sure plenty of you guys have. So:

Download Thrash 2.0 Beta (PDF)

A couple of things to keep in mind about this:

  • This is the first draft, so the text is pretty raw and unedited. There WILL be typos and such.
  • There’s a list of things I’m concerned about in the game’s design on the very last page.
  • I’m trying out some neat indie-influenced stuff, but this is still Thrash, which is a fairly traditional game. My model for this approach is Truth & Justice.
  • Although the general approach to the genre is the same as previous versions, the changes are massive, and it’s pretty much an entirely new game cast in a similar mold.

Edit: I should mention, I don’t mind getting feedback here, on the Thrash mailing list, by e-mail (ewen (swirly-a), or what have you. It’ll be neat to have the ML start picking up again though… :)

Also, while looking for Thrash stuff on Google I came across this. Good times.

6 thoughts on “Thrash 2.0 Beta: GO!

  1. Congratulations on Thrash 2.0! Looks like you’ve managed to streamline the whole system. Destiny points sound interesting, and the rest is just great. I only found a few possible additions and corrections (although I didn’t have much time for the additions). But more on that on the mailing list ;)

  2. congratz too.

    The system still has the Thrash feeling, and thats awesome. Capoeira is still mispelled :P but the system has so much potential!

    I cant wait to start writing stuff for thrash! :)

  3. I went and fixed Capoeira on the version on my hard drive, but I’m waiting until I make some more changes before I post up an updated version.

  4. Today, I buy and read the new RPG about fightingvideo game on drivethriRPG: Fight!
    The illustrations are really good, some idea awesome but I find the game a little off. Different systems for action in and out the fight? argh! The different dice (d4, d6, d8, etc), no no no! Etc, etc… not a bad game, but it’s not a good game either.

    So, to fight my sadness of buying Fight!, I reread Trash2 and THAT is a really good game about fighting video game! If only it have illustration and diffusion on drivethruRPG… Sigh…

    With my Super Street Fighters 4 that I will receive tomorrow and the KOF XIII on préparation, I want a Fighting RPG.
    I think I will use Trash for a Street Fighter Next-gen game, 20years after SF4 with a new génération of world fighter and a new evil organisation, The Black Sun Chuch , a sect sponsorring global criminality and whose Leader is M.Lion, spiritual Heir of M.Bison!

    1. I haven’t had a chance to check out Fight! so I can’t comment on it one way or the other. Please keep in mind that Thrash 2.0 is totally untested, so although I hope you enjoy it, there are undoubtedly issues I haven’t discovered.

      I want to come back to working on Thrash eventually, but if I do it’ll likely be with some massive changes, as I’m thinking of putting in at least some elements of the system of Slime Story/Quest (the “Slime Engine”), particularly the battlefield map, which I think will be just about the perfect way to handle positioning in a fighting game style RPG.

      1. You have a systeme like a battlefield map in fight (one of the few good idea).
        You have a concept of range between each protagonist of a fight. When you move you just reduce or expand the range between your foe and your characters.

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