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Yaruki Zero Podcast #7: Random Thoughts

In this episode I talk briefly about a variety of different topics that have been on my mind.

  1. PDFs and Piracy
  2. Randomness and Cinematic Role-Playing
  3. Oban Star-Racers
  4. Grognardia: Genre Bending
  5. Raspberry Heaven Design Notes
  6. The “Pink Panther” is what you get when you put a scoop of strawberry ice cream into lemon-lime soda.

Yaruki Zero Podcast #7 (32 minutes, 26 seconds)

Next Time
I haven’t decided what to do next. ^_^;

This podcast uses selections from the song “Click Click” by Grünemusik, available for free from Jamendo.com. If you like the song, consider buying some CDs from Nankado’s website.

Very awesome caricature of Ewen (with his mascot character Kurumi) courtesy of the talented C. Ellis.