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Zines and Shirts!

On Sunday, September 1st I’m going to have a table at SF Zine Fest, a small zine event held at the County Fair Building at Golden Gate Park. If you’re into that kind of thing, come check it out! It’s a pretty neat event, and I recommend checking it out (or whatever zine events there might be in your neck of the woods) if you get a chance regardless of whether I’m there.

New Stuff

I was able to finish a total of four new zines in time for SFZF. I’ll be making them available through Etsy and itch.io not too long after.

  • Things I’ve Seen Contracting at Tech Companies: No shocking revelations or anything, but a collection of weird events and imagery I’ve witnessed while working contract jobs at Silicon Valley tech companies.
  • aromantic: I don’t usually talk about it a lot, but I’m aromantic (meaning I don’t experience romantic attraction), and I decided to write a short zine about what that means to me.
  • Kagegami High Student Handbook: An excerpt from Kagegami High that you can use to introduce people to the setting or just read for the fun of it I guess.
  • My Grandpa’s Poems: My grandfather, Robert W. Cluney, was an appliance repairman, and in retirement he did a lot of painting and a fair amount of writing. I put together a small collection of some of my favorite poems of his.

Old Stuff

I’m also bringing all of my previous zines, plus a few other things!

  • Kagegami High
  • The Dungeon Zone
  • Magical Fury
  • Five-Card Fictions
  • Melancholy Kaiju
  • All That Glitters is Palladium
  • Small Company Big Mess
  • Ewen’s Tables Zine
  • Bizarre & Adventure
  • “Losses”
  • Cats I Have Known
  • Choose Your Own Homura
  • Conservapedia is Extremely Weird


I also randomly got inspired to start making T-shirt designs to put up on sale at Threadless. I’m calling my shop there the “Yaruki Zero Games Merch Store,” but it’s kind of a mixture of stuff related to my games and attempts at weird humor.