Kyawaii RPG Series

The Kyawaii RPG Series is a collection of short-form RPGs I’ll be putting together. Click here to see the original blog posts.

Kyawaii RPG #-1: Mascot-tan
A very simple, stupid game about playing moe anthropomorphism characters (i.e., cute anime girls with googly eyes that are anthropomorphic personifications of different things). It has an action resolution system that uses rock-paper scissors. I may do a new version some time.

Kyawaii RPG #0: Hikikomori
This is a solo RPG thing I did as a 24-hour RPG back in June of 2006. You play by yourself, rolling dice and making decisions, and the role-playing part is basically you writing an in-character journal about what happens. You’ll need some ten-sided dice to play.

Kyawaii RPG #1: Peerless Food Fighters
This is a GM-less game where the each player takes on the role of a poster girl for her respective parents’ restaurant in the Sakuraba Shopping Arcade (桜庭商店街). With the present state of the economy, they must compete for customers, so in the game the characters progress through a series of scenes in which they use their Charm, Cooking, Blood, and Madness (those are the four attributes) to try to get ahead. This is a random, silly game intended to be played for one session. You will need a bunch of six-sided dice and about ten or so tokens of some kind.

More recently I put together a new version of PFF as an experiment in giving an RPG board game style presentation.

Kyawaii RPG #2: Monster Girls In Love
Against my better judgment, I designed a fetishy adult RPG, which will probably go unplayed. If you are over 18, you may click here for the PDF. In this game you play as monster girls–monsters that are improbably attractive to and physically compatible with human men–who have adventurers coming to visit, intent on getting intimate. Potentially an extremely squicky game; if you actually play it, do it with people you are very comfortable with, and talk about what you are and aren’t willing to cover.

Kyawaii RPG #3: Seasons
This is a very simple game inspired by Clannad, Air, Kanon, and similar series. The rules are basically guidelines for free-form role-playing, and what gameplay there is focuses on learning the truth about what makes people tick and helping them.

Kyawaii RPG #4: Black Hole Girls
In this game everyone plays 12-year-old girls with powerful alien symbiotes vying for power in either the human world or for their respective aliens. It’s inspired by Alien Nine and Shadow Star, though a bit different from both. You will need 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-sided dice.

Kyawaii RPG #5: Monday Afternoon Blues
This is a role-playing poem (a mostly freeform thing you play in about 15 minutes) about the aftermath of a big anime convention. There’s also an audio version.

Kyawaii RPG #6: Four Fairies
“Four Fairies” is a very simple and heartwarming role-playing thing (a little more involved than a role-playing poem, but not quite what I would call an RPG per se) about four fairies. They want to become human, but to do so they must first learn about the human world. With this game you can tell stories about how they learn. It is very directly inspired by a wonderful little anime series called Bottle Fairy.

Kyawaii RPG #7: Manly Men!
Where I tend to come up with a lot of games for all of the characters are girls, and this one all the characters are hyper masculine guys. It’s basically “Chuck Norris Facts: The Role-Playing Game.”

Kyawaii RPG #8: Saving Throw
Saving Throw is a satirical mini-RPG based on Chick Tracts, the invisible yet insanely popular little comics that many Evangelical Christians use to proselytize.

5 thoughts on “Kyawaii RPG Series

  1. Hi Ewen,

    Just wanted to say that I stumbled upon Yaruki Zero games while randomly searching for some alternative ideas for RPGs. I must say I very much appreciate your efforts to create RPGs having to do with that certain slice of life that makes folk who understand tear up at the end of a wonderful school-life manga, when everybody starts to graduate.

    Anyway, sometimes the tabletop RPG itch needs scratching when there’s no time to meet with a group, so I discovered Hikikomori. Loving it — an RPG I can play by myself, that also gives me ideas for creative writing and character development.

    After playing several times, I thought it might be neat to have a few more traits to work with during character development. Hope I’m not stepping on your toes, but I took it upon myself to create a sort of “expanded” rulset for the game (meant to add to, not change anything). It’s something I did just for me initially, but I realize that maybe others might like to take a look at it. Here’s a link, if you’re so inclined at all:

    Anyway, it’s more of an homage/token of appreciation than anything else. Keep up the great work, and thanks!

  2. I was browsing through some different anime things (mainly no game no life) and decided to search a bit more into hikikomori when I stumbled across this website and a few of the games in here, mainly (as mentioned earlier) hikikomori.

    It is a very though-provoking and deep psychological game with an interesting idea and endless possibilities. It helps with learning new ways or styles of writing creative work such as fanfiction, short stories etc.

    I very much enjoyed it, especially because I could play it solo and none of my friends are really into rpg games. I will check out some of the others, so thanks for all the hard work put into these and I really hope you achieve whatever goals you wish.

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