Peerless Food Fighters 2.0 (PNP)

Peerless Food Fighters! was the first Kyawaii RPG I did, way back in 2008. It was a GM-less little thing about fighting waitresses, with Noodle Fighter Miki a major inspiration. When I took it into my head to try to make an RPG with board game style presentation, PFF was the first one to come to mind. It was already kind of mechanistic and board-game-like in its design, and in terms of its basic design this new version isn’t all that different. The major thing I did was to go completely crazy with cards, plus implementing the “dueling” concept that came out of the time I played the Kyawaii version with some friends. It involves a grand total of 110 cards, spread across four different varieties that serve different purposes. I got about $6 worth of generic board game components (12 pawns, 6 poker chips, 6 card stands) to complete the set, though if you’re crafty you could find some printable pawns and such.


I’m rather inordinately fond of the approach of having a set of pre-made, color-coded PCs. I’m planning to commission some better artwork done so that I can replace my kind of lame attempts at drawing the characters, though I have to hold off a little on spending that money. Using colors and symbols was generally interesting to me, and the Noun Project and Game Icons were invaluable for getting icons for the attributes/card suits.

The Fate Deck wound up being one of the more interesting parts of the game. I decided to replace the six-sided dice from the game with a deck of cards, which in turn led me to add more and more interesting information to the cards. About half have game effects, and the other half have flavor to influence role-playing. They also have suits that match the attributes, which figures into the flavoring and effects, as well as adding a small bonus if your chosen attribute matches.

Peerless Food Fighters 2.0 PDF

The game’s gotten zero testing, though I’m hoping to give it a try pretty soon.

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