Dragon World Hack 0.3

Dragon World is a game I’ve been working on for a while now, and at this point one of my more polished games. It’s an Apocalypse World hack (or as the parlance came to be in the time since I started working on it, a Powered by the Apocalypse game) for comedic fantasy in the general style of anime series from the 90s like Slayers and Dragon Half.

This new version has important tweaks and revisions throughout, but not any huge changes. It also adds the Shiny Paladin class to round out an even dozen in the book, and the setting section has several new entries, including the Kickin’ Rad Skeletons, the Desert of Yunqarth (with the Ma’al of the Western Fields in there somewhere), and the Moon (home to a degenerate Lunarian civilization that at this point can only communicate through interpretive dance).

I’ve had a heck of a lot of fun with this game already, and I’m currently running a playtest campaign that I’m enjoying a lot. It’s high on my list of games to full-on publish before too long, though it will undoubtedly need some more tweaking first.

Dragon World Hack 0.3
Dragon World Playbooks

3 thoughts on “Dragon World Hack 0.3

  1. Hi !
    A friend and I, we have translated your Dragon World (v0.1) in french and we are playing it now. it’s fun, so thanks :)

    But i have a question: how do you use the Clues & MacGuffin ? Do you tell the players what it is litteraly (you remember that vampire are allergic to garlic, you guess that a cross coated with garlic is a mortal weapon for them) or in a more abstract way and ask the players (so, you hace 2 clues, which give you the Macguffin. Tell me about it) ?

    (I’ve made some “player screen” to remember their name and sins: http://qui.revient.de.loin.blog.free.fr/index.php?post/2014/Presentoir-perso-Dragon-World)

    Greetings !

    1. Thanks!

      The game is flexible about how you narrate Clues and MacGuffins. I typically try to come up with something specific myself, but letting players make something up themselves is totally fine too.

      The screen is pretty cool too! :3

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