America’s Next Top Reality Show

I made another thing. Let’s back up a little. I’ve been working on a humor book called I Want to be an Awesome Robot,[1] and I decided to include an section with Fun Activities, which will (for the most part) fully functional activity book type stuff, if with kind of a weird sensibility.[2] I’m also working on a mini Choose Your Own Adventure type thing, a super stripped down Maid RPG variant (“Schoolgirl RPG”), and some other things that get a bit geekier and more involved than just coloring pages and stuff (though there will be those too). One thing I came up with but may or may not put into the book is a mini Channel A type spinoff game, intended to have a deck of a more reasonable size and play a bit quicker. A while ago NPR had an article on “The 25 Magic Words Of American Television.” When it first came out I sent the link to some friends, and one immediately declared that he’d watch a show called “Mob Pets.” Putting together a small list of title cards was a very easy thing to do.

I’m not sure what I’ll actually do with the game from here–if it works out well as a game I could totally see doing it in the form of a full card game in a reasonably sized tuck box–but for now I’m tossing out a free PNP version for the heck of it. This is very much like the ones I’ve done for Channel A and Studio B, with the little 2″x2″ cards you can print on cardstock and cut out. You’ll also need two six-sided dice.

America’s Next Top Reality Show PNP Version PDF

Here are some titles I made by messing around with the cards for a bit:

Mob Apprentice, Fear Shack, Hell’s Zookeeper, Star Swap, Amish Hot Rod, Bachelor Dynasty, The American Factor, Who Wants To Be A Cat?, So You Think You Can Catch, Sex House, Dance Kitchen, Pimp My Duck, Extreme Cake, The Deadliest Family, Party Boss, Millionaire Pets, The Doctor Whisperer, The Big Monster Project, Hell’s Hot Rod, The Amish Hunter, Love Chef, Superhero Makeover, Bachelor Island

On other Channel A type news, I recently visited my sister and brother-in-law in Washington DC, and got my new fancy prototype of Studio B (the American B-movie reskin of Channel A). We got to play a good amount of both games, and did very successful demo games at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles, an excellent game store near Capitol Hill.

[1]I already decided that the sequel is going to be called “Most of My Friends Are Potential Supervillains.” You know who you are.
[2]The answer to the crossword clue “Like a crossword without balls” is “WORDFIND.”

8 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Reality Show

  1. Hey, you haven’t posted anything about Magical Burst for over a year! The world needs a decent Magical Girls RPG, you know!! We’ve been waiting for so long!!! Erase all these other projects from your life!!!! Focus!!!!! MAGICAL BURST!!!!!!

    1. I do *really* want to get it done, but Golden Sky Stories has been eating up a huge portion of my free time, especially since I’m both getting the book ready to go to print and writing two original supplements for it. Magical Burst is right at the top of my “games I want to work on when I have the time” list though.

    1. Yeah, I have WordPress set up so the first time someone posts a comment it’s held for approval and then subsequent comments go up automatically, to cut down on spam and such.

      Although I have poked at Magical Burst a bit since the last blog post about it, I haven’t had much to say about it. I have a pretty clear idea for what I want to do for the fourth version, and at this point it’s basically a matter of sitting down and implementing all the stuff I want to implement.

  2. Okay, I am somewhat mollified. Golden Sky Stories looks good too, although nothing can be as good as magical girls. That was a fast reply!

  3. I’ve been watching a documentary series called Educating Yorkshire recently, it’s a fly-on-the-wall series set in a secondary school in Doncaster (a post-industrial Northern town in the UK) and it makes me want to see a live action Magical Burst type TV series set in a working-class school in an unglamorous provincial British town. I’ll have to write to Channel 4 and tell them to make it happen.

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