Yaruki Zero Podcast #20: Today in Geek History Part 1


This special episode is a compilation of the first six months of the “Today in Geek History” daily podcast I’ve been posting on Tumblr. I’ve been working on a humor book titled “I Want to be an Awesome Robot,” and one rather large section of it is a calendar with a fake fact about the history of geekdom for every single day of the calendar year, plus one or two days I made up. I does have plenty of RPG stuff in it (including the tale of Gary Gygax’s quest for the Rod of Seven Dice), though there’s also entries relating to anime, video games, sci-fi, literature, science, history, and more besides. Filling up 365 days is hard, especially when you make it so that it’s actually 379. The whole thing is a bit over an hour and a half, though on the plus side you can now listen all the way through without clicking on dozens and dozens of individual Tumblr posts, most of which are less than a minute long. Expect another similar compilation episode in January 2014!

Yaruki Zero Podcast #20 (1 hour, 36 minutes, 32 seconds)

Caricature of Ewen courtesy of C. Ellis.

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