Fiasco: Super Kart Party 3 Plus!

I figured I might as well post this up rather than waiting. It’s yet another Fiasco playset, and hopefully my last one for a while (for one thing I need to find time to actually play these things).

Super Kart Party 3 Plus! is about video game testers at Nakatomi Games. Not only do they have the shitty grunt job of the industry, but it’s crunch time on an utterly idiotic, hopeless, terrible game (from which the playset gets its title) that upper management will not let go under any circumstances.

I wrote it as a birthday present for a longtime friend who’s worked as a game tester for a number of years, so a substantial portion of it is based on the various stories he’s told me. Like Liquidation, I based it more off of real life stuff, so it’s hard to recommend viewing material, but jPod and maybe Grandma’s Boy come to mind, and Once Upon Atari and this Destructoid article could be good sources of ideas.

Download Super Kart Party 3 Plus! PDF

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