Witch Quest Book II Release


Some time back (last August) I posted about how I was planning to translate the free version of Witch Quest, a venerable (from 1991) Japanese TRPG about witches and their cats, in the vein of Kiki’s Delivery Service. I’ve been exceedingly inspired to translate stuff lately, so I’ve finished off Book II of the game. As I noted before, I’m doing Book II first because it contains the actual rules of the game. In some ways it’s very old-school (lots of randomness, no unified mechanics), and in other ways it’s just very quirky (a “Witch Tarot” deck features prominently in the game).

I’ve put together a PDF from the best layout I could manage in MS Word, and I don’t really have the skills to do anything better, or to make a character sheet. If anyone wants to tackle either, I’ll be happy to provide the files and such.

Witch Quest Book II PDF
Text-Based Tarot Cards (PDF)
Japanese Share Text (LZH Archive)

Update: Wilper has been really passionate about this game, and amongst other things he’s made a Crowdsource Witch Tarot Deck.

8 thoughts on “Witch Quest Book II Release

    1. I don’t know of any such thing. Japanese publishing in general has been very slow to get into anything electronic, so IME TRPG stuff available online is the exception to the rule. The print version of Witch Quest includes a very nice Witch Tarot deck, but the circle that put that out hasn’t really updated their website since 2004. I have a vague notion of asking different artists to contribute art to make a new set of 29 cards for people to use, but I have a million other things to deal with right now.

  1. Thank you very much for your work.
    I´ll start reading now…. i like different rpg games…. this one looks good since some people compared it´s style to games like animal crossing, harvest moon, etc…. but my sims was forgotten and this one too doesn´t have violence.

  2. Hey, I’m a bit late but, I’m french and I made an fr translation of your english version, for my players who don’t speak english. Is it okay if I share my french version on the net?

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