D&D Race: The Wild Folk (v2)


A while ago I posted up my first draft of a new D&D4e race called the “wild folk”. Earlier this week I went crazy working on them more, and came up with a revised version, thanks in part to feedback from folks at RPG.net, and my local friends. I got inspired to do all this because one of my friends is running a one-off 4e game and out of the blue he offered to let me play as one, something I wouldn’t have been bold enough to ask for, but wasn’t about to turn down.

The wild folk are basically a mishmash of races and characters from several different Japanese games. In particular, the Varna from Arianrhod, the weird tribes from the Grandia games, Fam from Ruin Explorers (pictured above), and to a lesser extent some of the part-animal races from Final Fantasy, all became part of it. They’re also a way to play a catgirl in D&D, and I wouldn’t really fault any DM that doesn’t want to use them in his or her campaign. On the plus side, I did some interesting things with their culture, and they have a vivaciousness and optimism that seems to be lacking in the existing D&D races.

I’ve put together an excessively complete write-up, basically the equivalent of a Dragon Magazine race article, plus monster stats. I’m pretty happy with the actual race write-up and the feats. The paragon paths probably need more polish, and the monster stats are… passable at best.

Wild Folk (Beta v2) PDF

Just for fun, I’ve also started statting up the Tabbit race from Sword World 2.0 (little rabbit people who excel at magic), and making a maid class (loosely based on Maid RPG). It’s going to be a quirky defender with some leader elements, and designing it is going to be a total bitch to do.

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