Maid RPG Update: Maids’ Sunset


Sunset Games has officially announced that the original Japanese version of Maid RPG is going out of print. It’s a little sad, but then the original game did come out in December of 2004, so it’s had quite a run. However, this has no effect on the English version, and we can and will continue to offer it for quite a while to come.

Here’s a quick translation of Kokado’s fateful blog post:

Maid RPG, a very unusual RPG, is now out of print. It is a game that came out just before the maid boom really hit, and had the nerve to ride the wave.

This is a tabletop role-playing game where the players become maids, and compete to serve their Master (the GM) to earn his Favor before the others.

There was a game at JGC where six girls played in costume, there was the time at the all-Maid RPG convention the leader of Atarinbou[1] came in a maid uniform, there was a big stack of the book being sold at the Nipponbashi Tora no Ana[2]… This game created all kinds of legends (or rather, memories).

There’s even an English version.

Some stores still have it in stock, should you wish to go buy it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have created.

[1]Atarinbou is the circle that created Aitsu wa Classmate!, a high school comedy game also published by Sunset Games.
[2]Tora no Ana (Tiger’s Den) is one of the premiere chains for buying otaku goods, along with Animate and Gamers.

Aside from quirky RPGs, Sunset Games offers a massive variety of historical wargames and polyhedral dice to Japanese gamers, as well as Japanese versions of the Harn RPG books. We wish Sunset Games the best of luck with their future endeavors!

1 thought on “Maid RPG Update: Maids’ Sunset

  1. The game may have been canceled there, but the maids spirit still burns in the US!

    Still, so long and thanks for all the fanservice.

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