Maid RPG Update: Revisions


At long last, some more news on the Maid RPG front!

Andy has finished compiling and implementing the numerous revisions. There are a few rules fixes (here’s the errata file), a handful of edits for content people found objectionable, and a ton of little grammar and formatting errors. Many thanks to Grant Chen for all of his help. If you’ve purchased the PDF, you should’ve already been notified, and will be able to download the new version.

From here we’ll be doing a new printing and getting the book back in distribution. We’re hoping to have it back in stock at Indie Press Revolution in 2 to 4 weeks.

I also need to get around to putting together the extra scenarios that we’re supposed to be putting out as free PDFs…

2 thoughts on “Maid RPG Update: Revisions

  1. What kinds of extra scenarios are these? I’ve been working on my own scenario, and I’m wondering if there’s a chance mine might fit in alright over there.

  2. There were a handful of scenarios from the original Japanese version that didn’t make it into the English book simply because the layout guy didn’t have time to put them in. I had already translated them, so the (much delayed) plan was to put together PDFs and make them freebies on the website. Life has delayed getting that done a bunch, but I’m trying to get back into working on it. While I certainly wouldn’t mind hosting some fan material, that isn’t what I was referring to.

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