Maid RPG Update: Small Things

I probably should have posted about this sooner, but Maid RPG is available for order on the Maid RPG website. It has sold extremely well — I think even faster than it did at GenCon. Also, the PDF is a steal at $8.

The mailing list has like three times the number of people we were expecting (and still growing), so we may put up an actual forum.

For those of you who live in the UK, Leisure Games UK is now an official distributor of Maid RPG. They have a blog post about the details here.

The Nun-Approved file (which has all the stuff we cut out or altered beyond recognition) is now up on the mailing list’s site.

Random Thought #1: Maid RPG is not a Forge/indie game. It’s not a “traditional” game either. That’s a false dichotomy; it’s from the Japanese TRPG scene.

Random Thought #2: A lot of people recoil at the idea of a Maid RPG, but I’ve yet to hear of anyone legitimately giving it a chance and not enjoying it.

Also: Wordle of Maid RPG’s text:

7 thoughts on “Maid RPG Update: Small Things

  1. Heya: Has the indie thing been coming up anywhere? Just curious.

    Rulewise (“Indie” == “Hippy Rules”, etc): Yeah, the dichotomy simply doesn’t exist. It may have a few quirky rules, but most games in Japan do, while tied to a pretty “normal” framework (stats, skills, etc)

    Publishing Model: The dichotomy does exist, and it’s simply Not Independently Published. Although our translation op is “indie”, where we have control over how we do it and all, the author doesn’t have full rights to his game in Japan: Sunset Games (co) has them. Other works by Kamiya he has full rights to, from Yuuyake onwards.

    Random Thought #2: Totally, totally, and totally. Although I’d love to hear from someone in the future who had a mediocre/unfun time, so that we can fix them write supplemental GM advice to help navigate pitfalls.


  2. I was thinking of a thread on the RPG Site (where someone brought up Maid RPG during a Shard thread for no reason and it descended into flames).

  3. Congratulations on the success, and thanks for the speedy delivery of the both the PDF and the hardcover book :) But what does the text on the back of the book mean?

  4. It means literally,
    “It’s that kind of season, isn’t it?”
    “Yes, it is”

    But if I were doing meaning, it would come out to be:

    “Ahhh, to be young and in love”
    “Mmmmm, yes”


  5. I’ve been trying to find some good cheap figurines for when I get this game. What I’ve gotten are taller than what you’d want for a normal RPG, but thisn’t a normal RPG. I’m sure I can find a way to make them work.

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