Random Thoughts

In RPGs there’s this idea called “Rule Zero,” which exhorts the GM to ignore the rules when they go against the needs of the story, but too often is used to excuse dumb game rules. I propose we have something called The Real Rule Zero. It goes: Don’t be a douche.

Story Games is the forum that’s missing from the Forge.

Have you seen a Chessex catalog? There are apparently people at the company whose job is to devise new colors and patterns of dice. I wish they made Fudge dice.

Reaper Miniatures is doing a line of steampunk time travel miniatures called Chronoscope. My favorite so far is Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser.

I want to do a mini-campaign with Awesome Adventures or Solar System inspired by S. John Ross’ Adventures of Darcy Dare printable minis.

Maid RPG stuff has calmed down for the moment.

Got a plushie made of Maya, from my Divine Machine campaign.

I’m working on the introduction for my thesis project, a translation of a Japanese RPG. I may be getting too good at academic bullshitting, considering I wrote “RPGs are systems of cultural allusion in which participants recontextualize elements from a shared canon of product art in order to socialize and to communicate more effectively” with a straight face.

One of the monsters in Slime Story is a massive, dangerous tree monster. Someone called it (wait for it…) Arborgeddon, and the name stuck.

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