Two Roles For octaNe

If I’d thought about it, I would’ve posted this a while ago. I finally got around to playing octaNe a few months ago with my friends, and I wound up devising a couple of new roles. One was inspired by an artbook I picked up at Comic-Con, and the other is undoubtedly from my association with a certain RPG about maids. (Now if only the Japan sourcebook that it alludes to repeatedly had come to fruition…)

Role: Mariachi Samurai
Profile: You were once an ordinary mariachi, making your living using your guitar to make beautiful music with your friends. Then a man killed your friends, and your wife. Then another man offered you the means to take your revenge. You were trained in a secret dojo in the depths of a blasted cityscape, trained in the ancient hypersonic killing style of swordsmanship. And yet, unlike those who came before you, you use your sword to protect the weak. You sweep into town, right the wrongs, stop for a drink, and leave without another word.
Stomping Ground: New Texaco, The Wastelands
Quote: “Amigo, I don’ think you wanna’ do that.”
Mode: Psychotronic
Gear: Massive samurai sword, sixguns, sombrero, cigars
Styles: Daring, Might
Skills: Swordfighting, quick-draw, stoic

Role: Rogue Battle Maid
Profile: You were brought to the Maid School as a young girl, and every day they subjected you to a brutal training regimen. The only thing more perfect than your etiquette and housework is your combat prowess. You were taught to protect a rich Master, but when your last Master died you were left to find your own way. Now it’s up to you to seek your own destiny.
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: “You’ve made a really terrible mess. And as usual, it falls to me to clean it up.” (Readies her machinegun)
Mode: Psychotronic
Gear: Dangerous-looking weapon of choice, maid uniforms, cleaning supplies
Styles: Daring, Charm
Skills: Fight like a girl, cook and clean, act ridiculously polite, seduction, protection

2 thoughts on “Two Roles For octaNe

  1. The battle maid should totally be called “Ronin Maid” instead. Because, you know, Ronin is such an edgy word ^__^ (only half kidding)

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