I know there’s maybe four or five people who really read this (Elton, Guy, Mori, and occasionally Jake), but I’m going to go over where things are, admittedly more for my own benefit. This has been a very strange winter break for me, and I’m not totally sure I’m ready for more grad school in the spring, but we’ll see. My fan translation of Maid RPG has kind of gotten sidetracked on account of other, more pressing projects (like translation work that I get paid for).

Probably the biggest thing for me, RPG-wise, is Moonsick. This weird little RPG, inspired by Superflat surrealism, is a possible candidate for the next volume of Push, but it needs a major overhaul from my first draft. Surprisingly helpful thread on it here. Rethinking the game has been a wonderful challenge, and I think I’m moving in the right direction.

At some point I do still want to do the we are flat game anthology, but I’m thinking for that I’ll replace Moonsick with something deliberately aimed at looking at American otaku through a Superflat-like lens. One of the inherent limitations of this project is that I’m an American (if a Japanophile) interpreting these elements of Japanese culture. The similarities and differences between American and Japanese otaku are a source of endless fascination to me, after all.

We also finally had our first real session of Ghostbusters, run by my friend Elton, and it rocked. He honestly keeps impressing me with his GMing skills and creativity, and everyone else was unusually on the ball last night. And my character, an amoral technical guy named Art Griffin, is incredibly fun to play.

Clancy: “Yeah, I’ve flow before. Military vehicles.”
Oswaldo: “Don’t listen to him! He means he’s flown a jeep!

Which leaves just about everything else being neglected. It’s been weeks since I had a chance to look at Tokyo Heroes, much less Thrash 2.0. Hopefully school won’t totally kill my free time.

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