Web Search II: Electric Googleoo

So, once again I got bored enough to do some ego-googling, and I actually found some interesting stuff.

On an Italian RPG message board there’s a thread about Mascot-tan, including illustrations for D&D-tan and SeventhSea-tan.

On Wikipedia there’s something that’s just pain odd. The list of fictional expletives article mentions an RPG by yours truly called F.U.N.C. (Furutistic Urbanized Needless Combat). The thing is, I don’t actually remember putting it out on the net or anything anywhere. It was something I made back in high school — cynical, satirical, ultra-violent cyberpunk with bits of Robocop and Project A-ko thrown in. I’ve toyed with the idea of reviving it, but it’d need to basically be redone from the ground up. I’ve gotten that much more cynical, and I’ve got a lot more sources of inspiration to draw on (Metal Wolf Chaos, for example) and topics to explore/satirize (violence in video games).

(BTW, it turns out that, not surprisingly one of my friends stuck the FUNC reference into Wikipedia…)

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