Go Go Tokyo Heroes!

I’ve been watching the original Power Rangers. Yes, I’m serious. The things I get into because of roleplaying games. I just had to decide to make Tokyo Heroes more accessible to MMPR fans, which actually is looking to be easier than I thought — mostly a matter of tweaking some of the flavor text. Guy Shalev pointed out that I coupld pitch the game as “Remember how fun Power Rangers was before it started sucking? This game is like that.” I never watched it when it first came out (I was in high school… though I did still watch some cartoons), so it’s a new and rather surreal experience for me. I should sit down and watch Power Rangers SPD some time too.

Early MMPR is even more awesomely bad than sentai, partly because they’re trying so hard to make it kiddified, wholesome, and politically correct, hence most of the episodes I’ve seen so far have a blatantly obvious moral attached (recycling is good, deaf people can be cool). I also love how in the first episode Zordon says to Alpha 5, with a straight face, “We need to recruit teenagers with attitude.” That and every now and then they use footage of stuff that’s blatantly, obviously Japanese (like, you know, Tokyo Tower) and hope no one will notice.

…There’s also the thing that very few people besides me will find funny, that during WWF’s “invasion” storyline for a little while Stephanie McMahon started to sound a lot like Rita Repulsa. “Rhyno is going to defeat your pathetic Chris Jericho! AHAHAHAHA! Make my wrestler GROW!” (And now I just remembered JR saying how “the Million Dollar Princess has become a Dairy Queen”).

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