H:tCW continued/24-hour Hikikomori

I finally get Halo up (and Louis Wu at halo.bungie.org was kind enough to post a news item about it), and I’ve already got a laundry list of things to add:

  • Some more rules options for character creation, damage, and so forth. Some for putting the more standard Fudge rules back into the book, some new stuff.
  • Other optional rules for running a Red Vs. Blue style game.
  • Filling out the rest of the variants of the Covenant aliens (e.g., I have several flavors of Elites, but I need to add Rangers, Honor Guards, and a few others).
  • Stats for important characters from the games. Tartarus is going to be interesting.
  • Stats for semi-canon toys like the flamethrower and ATV.
  • Details for stuff relating to the Halo ringworlds themselves — stats for the Sentinels and the Flood.

Anyway, in a few minutes I’ll be starting my 24-hour RPG. I’ve posted about it before, but to reiterate (for myself as much for the miniscule number of people who actually read this) it’s going to be a “solo RPG” about hikikomori. A friend of mine suggested making it a more standard RPG, but with the different players taking on the role of elements of the shut-in’s deranged mind, but stuff like that has actually been done before, if mostly in the indie scene (Cranium Rats comes to mind) and in stuff like 24-hour RPGs. So for this exercise I’ll be sticking to my original idea, which is a little bit choose your own adventure, a little bit RPG, and a little bit writing exercise.

I decided to start after a good meal (which makes my choice of having lunch at Denny’s questionable), in the afternoon so that I work until late at night, then sleep, and wake up and get a few more solid hous in. At the moment I have some System of a Down playing in the background (“If it wasn’t for bad taste I wouldn’t have no taste at all”) and on the way home I got a 2-liter of Coke, which I suspect won’t last anywhere near as long as it should.

Wish me luck!

Update #1 (4:20 p.m.): Two hours in. I switched to Nine Inch Nails for my tasteless music, and the bottle of Coke is half empty. I should go easier on it. I’ve written just over 2,000 words, and I’ve actually figured out the basic framework of the game; I just need to fill in the details. If you try it out, you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of those ten-siders.

Update #2 (7:15 p.m.): I realized that I hadn’t eaten dinner, so it’s time. I also switched computers, since my posture will be better at my desktop (sort of). It’s currently up to about 5,300 words, and I really feel like I had the basic design (which was pretty simple, admittedly) in my head, and I just have to finish pouring it out and executing things. Still, five hours so far. I’m remembering the good and the bad about marathon RPG development. Ideally this thing would need a good amount of playtesting to get the numbers in order and balanced, but that’s how it goes. And after this I’ll be getting back to my freelance work, and then getting back into Thrash 2.0. I decided to switch gears and change from music (Lordi) to anime (Evangelion). Now, back into the action…

Update #3 (9:55 p.m.): After nearly 8 hours straight, and my brain is turning to Jell-O. I’ve written about as much as I think I can in one sitting, which actually has the game very nearly done. I’m going to write a little bit more, then go to bed and get an early start (I’m weird and I’ll probably be up at 6 a.m., or 8 at the latest) and do the remaining writing and editing.

Update #4 (6:05 a.m.): Told you I’d be up at 6 a.m.

Update #5 (7:39 a.m.): Wow. That’s it then. Download Hikikomori (I couldn’t come up with a better title). Be afraid. I think next time I need to not have so much of it in my head before I start. Like, not even a concept.

Update #6 (10:11 p.m.): Yay! It’s official!

6 thoughts on “H:tCW continued/24-hour Hikikomori

  1. Jeez… with 6 hours to spare.

    Perhaps it might be best to pick a basic concept no later than a day or two before, write it down and don’t really touch it, discuss it or whatever until you start the project, unlike the months you had to stew over with Hikimori. That or you can always compete in that Game Chef project that give you limitations and themes to work with Or you could combine projects:
    24 hour comic and 24 hour rpg to get Nekomachi the RPG, told and explained in 4 panel strips!

  2. Yo, you drop one a message when you mention them thus! :)

    I know one person who underwent this situation, towards the end of our last HS year, a shame.

    You should also give The Uchtman Factor, which I mention on my first blog entry a look, though its online development is sparse.

  3. Heh. Sorry bout that; in six months this blog has gotten a total of about four comments, so I don’t exactly expect attention. :P

    The whole hikikomori problem is part of a larger social phenomenon in Japan that has to do with the educational system and the fall of the lifetime employment system. It’s all very messed up, though from what I’ve heard they have come up with some successful treatment programs.

    I’ll definitely check that out, and your blog. :3

  4. Heh, I found this because two people got to Cranium Rats Central from your blog.

    Also, go over to Word-press, when you can actually comment!

  5. we are an indie game development company (after work games) based in the UAE. I do the animation and art. I was discussing this game with my boss and he was so interested in trying it out. I looked for it everywhere but I get a (file not found) error. I think the game is so unique and interesting and if u could possibly upload it online again it would be great!!

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