Halo: The Covenant War, LAUNCH!

It’s definitely nice to actually get a project moving. I’ve uploaded the initial draft of Halo: The Covenant War, the aforementioned Fudge-powered RPG adaptation of Bungie’s Halo video games. It’s completely untested, but them’s the breaks. Any comments would be appreciated. New versions and new matieral will follow paytesting.

My artist friend also realized that I suck at inking and coloring, especially comapred to him (which was not a big revelation), and took it upon himself to re-do the coloring for the forthcoming paper minis:

Up next is an adventure scenario for Halo, then Thrash 2.0 (fighting game RPG), and then Tokyo Heroes (sentai RPG), and I have entirely too many ideas for what’ll come after that. Plus a 24-hour RPG mixed in there somewhere.

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