TRPG Super Session Daikyouen

My Amazon Japan order came a LOT faster than I expected, so I have TRPG Super Session Daikyouen in my hands. I haven’t had a chance to do more than skim through the six games contained inside.

  • Eiyuu Sentai Seigiranger: The aforementioned “Hero Sentai Justice Ranger.” Earth (especially Japan) is being targeted. There are heroes who will rise up to defend the world. But… defending the world isn’t cheap. Pleasing the sponsors earns you Sponsor Points, which are actually divided up by the category of sponsor, so you get different effects from using video game sponsor points versus foodstuff sponsor points. The four attributes are Courage, Strength, Gentleness, and Sponsorship.
  • Super Shounen Shoujo Comical RPG: Genki Zenkai!: A game about fifth-graders with super powers. The three attributes are Heart, Technique, and Body, and powers are determined by picking out archetypes (Android, Esper, Magical Girl, Scientist, Sueprhero, Ninja, etc.).
  • Monster Maker Senki: Road to Valhalla: I don’t know a whole lot about this one just yet except that it has a definite tactical bent to it. It uses paper minis and hex grid maps, and the back of the book’s slipcover is in fact a map and color paper minis for this game.
  • Survivor: Kotou Seikan: Of the six, yhis is probably the most “indie” in its concept. Ordinary people are stuck on a deserted island and have to survive and find a way to get home. There’s a good amount of little tokens and whatnot that give it a little bit of a boargame look.
  • Heroes & Heroines: Herohero Fantasy: The art for this game has a generically non-Western feel to it (kind of like some of CLAMP’s stuff), and it seems to be a fantasy RPG that makes extensive use of cards, to the point where it’s practically an RPG/card game hybrid. One page in particular has monsters, which look like diagrams of cards arranged to look roughly like the critter in question.
  • Burnin’X’mas: Tatakau Santa-san: I’m not sure what to make of this one, except that it looks crazy and nifty. Apparently the PCs are given the job of making Christmas happen, and you pick a Class (Santa or Reindeer) and Type (Perform, Assault, Stealth). There’s also a busty, scantily clad Santa-girl (I’m not sure, but I think it came out before Ken Akamatsu’s Itsudatte My Santa, which recently was made into an OAV), a mean-looking cyborg with a santa hat, and an array of wicked-looking yet holiday-themed weapons, plus a really blatant send-up to Initial D.

Also, for each game there’s a 2-page color comic introducing the general setting in the front, a fairly long replay (4-8 pages), and a B&W comic showing gamers reacting to the game. And although pretty, the cover has almost nothing to do with the contents. The interior art varies in quality, but it’s always very appropriate and relevant to the particular game.

Anyway, more on this when I’ve had a chance to read through more.

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