Status Report

I dug into Tokyo Heroes again after not looking at it for a couple weeks, and it looks like the actual rules are mostly done now. I need to fill out the rules for making bad guys, finish writing up the sample characters, and the last of the fluffy flavor text. Hopefully once that’s done I can get back into working on Thrash 2.0 — which is also mainly a matter of grunt work at this point. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get done once school starts, of course. This semester is looking to be pretty intense.

On the TH inspirational stuff front, Tokyo Mew Mew has been getting really good lately (I’m on episode 37 right now), mainly by finding interesting things to do with the different characters. I watched the first few episodes of Genseishin Jutsirisers and was surprised by how good it was (especially after seeing the first episode of Sazer-X). It’s basically a sentai show, but it has its own distinct feel, separate from the Super Sentai Series. Similar to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (but in different ways) it deals with what it means to be a “hero” with weird powers. Two of the main characters are high school kids, and they’re fighting in spite of their misgivings and fears about the whole thing. I also like how the girl character is on the school’s lacrosse team basically as an excuse for the characters to have a metal stick handy when mooks show up.

Last night we had our first session of Truth & Justice, though it was mostly prologue and roleplaying. The real super action hasn’t started yet, but the campaign is off to a good start at least. We’ve been playing mostly on Sundays at the FLGS, and the first time we played on a Saturday it was much more crowded than we’ve ever seen it before. It’s definitely encouraging to see that many people playing games.

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