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GenCon Indy 2008: Almost Here

Why does GenCon have to be so soon? I’m barely recovered from Comic-Con. (GenCon is big, but I’m grateful that it’s not nearly as unwieldy and ginormous as Comic-Con). Anyway.

Yeah. I’m flying out to Indianapolis on Wednesday (anyone know a good way to kill four hours at the Atlanta airport?), which means I have to finish up the rest of my prep for the con over the next two days. That mainly means printing up a bunch of reference sheets and character sheets for Maid RPG, which’ll probably take me a few hours just to put together.

Because I Said I Would
Here’s the first draft of my rules for creating “stewards” in Maid RPG. Stewards are basically male versions of maids (whereas butlers in Maid RPG are uber-powerful but have to be calm and collected at all times), so you can make characters like Hayate.

Where To Buy Maid RPG (And Two Other Kickass Games)
This will be my first time coming to GenCon as a booth monkey, which should be an interesting experience. We’ll be sharing a booth with both Hellas and Ninja Burger. Those are three very different games, but also very awesome ones. It’s mainly the Hellas booth, so you’ll find it under Khepera Publishing, booth #2630, which according to the exhibit hall map is one of the booths between the art show and the Wizards of the Coast boothstravaganza, and across from Closeoutcards.com.

If you’re at the con, come by and say hi! /^_^\

Happy Little Bonus
I will be bringing along my fan translation of Yuuyake Koyake in the hopes of getting a game together at some point, but I have an overly full schedule for the con, and the game only supports groups of 2-4, so we’ll see how it goes.

I hate being short of cash for a con like this. *sigh*

GenCon Indy!

So, today I finally decided for certain that I’m going to GenCon Indy this year. I’d been heavily leaning towards going anyway — both to have fun and to meet some of the neat people I’ve been interacting with online via Story Games and whatnot — but it was when Guy Shalev came on AIM and said that he was looking for hotel roommates that I decided for sure that I’m going. Registration doesn’t open until February 11, and there’s the matter of plane tickets to contend with (I’m probably going to have to fly out of SFO, since it’ll literally be cheaper than SJC by $100 to $150), but at least I don’t have to worry about lodgings.

Over the next few months I need to figure out what I want to do at the con, and in particular what I want to run.

Maid RPG is definitely, absolutely on the list. A friend of mine has been showing my partially translated version to some of his other friends and co-workers, and I keep being blown away by just how much people not only accept the concept, but fall in love with it. At this rate I’m going to have to start looking into how I might be able to license and publish it for real…

Other possibilities include:

  • Mascot-tan (which, bizarrely, seems to have something of a cult following)
  • My Fudge-based Halo RPG. (Still need to actually try it out with my friends)
  • My Magic Shop Risus one-shot (“Slayers meets Are You Being Served?“)