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What’s your bliss?

I lost count of how many blogs I’ve seen this in. I don’t know if it’s my moe otaku tendencies showing through, but whatever. ^_^; I gave into temptation and pre-ordered by the way, so I’m definitely looking forward to this. :3

“I’m an Innocent Sweetheart!”

“People say that I’m too young to pilot an ANIMa, but I just want to do my best… for everyone!”

Personality: As an Innocent Sweetheart, you’re the youngest pilot, under-trained and inexperienced. But you make up for it with a heart of gold and an energetic spirit that just won’t quit. Although most people don’t have a lot of confidence in you, who can help but catch your infectious enthusiasm?
Advice: Believe in yourself more. You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you don’t let your self-doubt get in the way. Your greatest asset is the trust that others hold in you, so never forget your friends and loved ones. At the same time, it might pay to be more realistic in your view of the world.
Which Bliss Stage Pilot are you?
Bliss Stage

In other news, it turns out that Sunset Games is releasing a new RPG called “Moe-kei?! Gakuen: Aitsu wa Classmate!” I’m not sure how to properly translate the title, but it’d be something like “Moe-style (?!) Academy: That’s my Classmate.” According to the blurb on the website in the game your goal is to help out those who are troubled (“They’ll surely say to you: “Thank you.”) It’s slated for some time in the summer, so I’m thinking I’ll order it along with Mononoke Koyake (the Yuuyake Koyake sourcebook) after GenCon.

The other day I checked out some books from the library on educational role-playing. I’m currently reading The Effective Use of Role-Play by Morry van Ments, which is a nice overview of role-playing as an educational tool. I’ll be putting together a full post about it when I’m done reading, but the differences in goals and the emphasis on “debriefing” after the actual role-play is finished are striking. It’s helped me think a bit about the kind of atmosphere and approach I want for Raspberry Heaven, while Filip Luszczyk, Ben Lehman, and Fred Garber have all offered me very solid advice via the Forge.