Maid RPG 120%

“Maid RPG 120%” is meant to be an American-made supplement for Maid: The Role-Playing Game. The name comes from the fact that the original game is already excessively complete, so however fun to do, this thing is going way beyond what’s necessary. I started writing a bunch of material right after I finished the translation and in the months before and after the launch, but since then I’ve totally neglected the project. I don’t know of it will ever become a full-on book, so I’ve decided to start putting different things up here for free as I finish them.

Part 1: Maids and Maid RPG

  • Introduction: A brief introduction to Maid RPG 120%, plus writeups for Ewen’s signature characters, Kurumi and Octavia.

Part 2: Optional Rules

  • Stewards: This is an optional set of rules for creating “stewards,” male characters who are male, but comparable to maids in terms of their abilities. For when your players are just too wussy to play a female character. Steward Character Sheet
  • Worlds and Moods: Adds the Bizarro, Gothic, and Superheroes words and the Intrigue and Melodrama moods.
  • Items: Check out the Maid RPG Tumblr, where I’ll be posting up new items every day (or trying to) until I get up to a D666 table’s worth.

Part 3: Replays

Part 4: Scenarios

Part 5: Example Characters

13 thoughts on “Maid RPG 120%

  1. I agree that Maid is amazing and super versatile. So simple, so fun… I can’t thank you enough for the work you did to bring it to English-speakers. Thanks for this extra content, too. A little more icing on the cake never hurts.

    I quite like the addition of “steward” rules. My group wasn’t fond of the one-butler policy, but of course the butler was too strong to have more than one running around, so I went ahead and did my own rule-tweaking. We had one “head butler” who was rolled as written, and then any other butlers were nerfed/edited to the point that they were functionally maids. I’ll likely go with this now (it’s not too different from what I was doing anyway), but I’ll probably scrap the exceptions under “Rules for Playing Stewards” except the first one.

  2. cool! Maid is a fun game, as much as Tfos! (I love Anime Rpgs!). I’m going to use the steward rules soon!

  3. Since there are character sheets specifically for Masters and Butlers, do you think you’ll ever make a character sheet for Stewards? It would be really cool if you did.

    1. It was just a matter of replacing the word “maid” with “steward” in several places, but I went ahead and made one. Enjoy!

      1. Hey, thanks a lot for the Steward Character Sheet. It’ll be really useful for players who don’t want to be maids. Of course it’s just as easy to cross out maid on the Maid Character Sheet and write Steward in instead, but this one looks more official heh. Much appreciated.

  4. Lovely, just the sort of balance I thought the game needed. Yes, I know the focus is the maids, and rightly so, but this does give them a useful butt-monkey upon which to unload (unload ordnance that is). I’d have called them Footmen though, sort of see Stewards as working on ships and planes and Footman is the next one down from Butler in the usual domestic structure. Could have used Valet, but that tends to be quite a senior position and is usually carried out by the Butler. Anyway, Footman gives a lot of “I’m the Goddamn Footman!” potential.

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