Yaruki Zero Podcast #1: Opening Remarks
In this installment, I basically talk about my personal history as a gamer, from playing Robotech in the 7th grade up to the present, and a little bit about what I’ve been working on as a wannabe designer. This was an off-the-cuff thing to try out podcasting, and it turned out reasonably well, considering.
Yaruki Zero Podcast #1 (26 minutes, 34 seconds)

Yaruki Zero Podcast #2: Anime and RPGs
A discussion of the intersections between anime and role-playing games. What is anime anyway, and what about it is relevant to RPGs?
Yaruki Zero Podcast #2 (31 minutes, 24 seconds)

Yaruki Zero Podcast #3: Interview With Clay Gardner
In this episode I interview Clay Gardner about his game, OVA: Open Versatile Anime.
Yaruki Zero Podcast #3 (25 minutes, 34 seconds)

Yaruki Zero Podcast #3½: Slime Story Reading
This bonus episode is a reading of the prologue of the Slime Story novel I’ve been working on, Slime Story: The Legend of Doug.
Yaruki Zero Podcast #3½ (17 minutes, 59 seconds)

Yaruki Zero Podcast #4: Japanese TRPGs (Part 1)
For this episode, I’m be joined by Andy Kitkowski to talk a bit about Japanese tabletop RPGs in general. In this installment we talk about how RPGs came to Japan, the Japanese TRPG subculture, and Japanese RPG design trends.
Yaruki Zero Podcast #4 (43 minutes, 23 seconds)

Yaruki Zero Podcast #5: Japanese TRPGs (Part 2)
In the second half of my discussion of Japanese RPGs with Andy Kitkowski, we talk about indie/doujin TRPGs, some neat games we’ve seen, and localization issues.
Yaruki Zero Podcast #4 (40 minutes)

Yaruki Zero Podcast #6: Marketing Anime RPGs
In this episode I’m joined by my longtime friend Jon Baumgardner to discuss marketing techniques for small-press/indie RPGs, and for connecting with anime fans.
Yaruki Zero Podcast #6 (50 minutes, 37 seconds)

Yaruki Zero Podcast #7: Random Thoughts
Brief ramblings about several different topics, including PDFs, cinematic RPGs, Oban Star-Racers, a Grognardia post, and Raspberry Heaven.
Yaruki Zero Podcast #7 (32 minutes, 26 seconds)

7 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Great first podcast, hope you keep it going. I’ve been a long time reader of your webcomic and it was quite interesting to here the voice of the writer.

  2. Hey man, can I just say–release more podcasts? Your cast has been great so far, and I’d love to hear more, whether it’s on Japanese TRPGs or American Indie RPGs or Slime Story, or whatever’s on your mind. Please keep going!


    1. Thanks for listening! I do have a few things I want to do podcasts about, but life has been chaotic as ever. I have a solo podcast that I need to finish up and post, and I have two interviews I’ve been wanting to do that I need to bug the interviewees about. So there is some stuff coming up, if kinda slowly. Stay tuned!

    2. Seconding this. I found your podcasts through RPGnet and have enjoyed them all. I eagerly await new ones.

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